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November 2012

Systems Biology Holds New Promise for Brain Tumor Research

BWH_Pic01.jpgAt last month's 2012 Summit, we, along with our speakers and grant recipients, emphasized the need to accelerate the quest for brain tumor treatments through systems biology research. The study of complex biological problems, systems biology provides the lens through which researchers can more efficiently focus on brain tumor behavior and pursue new treatments, new applications of existing treatments, or treatment combinations. Traditional scientific methods that look at individual elements in isolation are not powerful enough to meet today's research needs, which are driven by recent advances in genetics and genomics.

DFarber_SOG_0929_11.jpgBrain tumors, as complex systems, adapt to attempts to treat or eradicate them. Uncovering the systemic mechanisms that direct actions of brain tumors, much the same way as transistors direct actions of circuit boards, is vital to understanding-and defeating-brain tumors. As such, the goal of our Mary Catherine Calisto Systems Biology Initiative is to focus that systems biology lens on the discovery and development of effective therapeutic strategies to eradicate or manage brain tumors.

MCCSBI WorkshopAlso, at the 2012 Summit, our grant recipients presented their Phase one findings of the Mary Catherine Calisto Systems Biology Initiative, which focused on initial feasibility studies and refining their scientific hypotheses and research approaches. The grant recipients' knowledge gained during Phase one will then be applied to Phase two of the Initiative, which aims to uncover new research advances that can be translated into new paths for therapeutic options.

Garnick Moore PhotographersTo learn more about this exciting field and hear from leading experts, view our videos or visit our 2012 Summit page.

Community Events Update

The ChiaDean Annual Fundraiser
The ChiaDean Annual Fundraiser is an initiative to raise awareness and funds to defeat brain tumors. Dean Joe Boehman will be abandoning his usually smooth shaven head all month long and you can help too.

Michael Lewandoski Ski Day
Winter Park Resort, CO - 1/26
The Michael F. Lewandowski Annual Ski Day will be entering its 10th year of fundraising for the National Brain Tumor Society. Help add to the $165,000 already raised, and enjoy an inspiring day out on the slopes.

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