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Amy, an ependymoma survivor, stands smiling on a bridge.

Going from Health Care Delivery to Health Care Recipient

After years of unexplained symptoms, Amy went from nurse and clinical researcher in the field of pediatric neuro-oncology to being on the other side as a patient diagnosed with a rare spinal tumor. In her inspiration story, Amy gives personal insight and wisdom into her experience as an ependymoma survivor and shares, “One cannot overstate the vulnerabilities and fears experienced by patients and families when receiving news of an often life-altering CNS tumor.”



Ependymoma Community Blog: Power of Presence

Image of a butterfly.

Ependymoma Community Blogger Adam Holland shares his perspective on the power of presence and the impact it had on him during his treatment and survivorship of ependymoma. Throughout his entire journey, various medical professionals and allied health care workers, strangers in the waiting room, friends, family, and more have come alongside him in a meaningful way. Adam says, "The reality of the entire cancer process is that we cannot do it alone, we need others more than ever in our lives." In this blog post, Adam describes the powerful ways connection has shaped his experience and changed his perspective.



CERN Foundation
Year-End Report

Finn holds a butterfly with his mom at Head tot he Hill in 2022.

We are pleased to share our 2023 Year-End Report with you. This report includes a message from CERN and highlights the projects and programs made possible because of volunteers, survivors, care partners, and donors like you. Learn how your support made a profound impact this year.

A little boy holds a butterfly, a symbol of hope for brain tumor survivors.

Support the Ependymoma Fund for Research and Education

With your generous support, we will continue to expand our efforts to improve the care and outcome of people with ependymoma.

CERN Foundation Logo.

The CERN Foundation and the National Brain Tumor Society have joined forces to help people with ependymoma and advance ependymoma research toward the development of new and better treatments through the creation of the Ependymoma Fund for Research and Education. Today, the CERN Foundation is officially a designated program of the National Brain Tumor Society. Donations to the Ependymoma Fund for Research and Education will be made on the NBTS website and used to support research efforts that will benefit both ependymoma patients and research through CERN. Emphasis will be placed on CERN’s historical model of supporting work that translates basic science into clinical practice. The Fund will also address overcoming barriers to clinical trial accrual and the development of new clinical studies for ependymoma patients. Additional funds will be used to support educational efforts through print, media, and awareness events. The new collaborative Ependymoma Fund will continue CERN’s practice and tradition of involving and collaborating with other scientists, medical providers, foundations and supporters of ependymoma research.



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