Race for the Brain

2014 Bob Bard 5k

The Brain Train

Support Our Fight Against Brain Tumors

We are participating to improve the lives of all those affected by brain tumors. We are passionate about this cause and that is why we are running!

Funds raised here helps to direct promising research, support families who are currently coping with the effects of a brain tumor diagnosis, and advocate for change.

We have joined this movement to bring the issue of brain tumors to the forefront. Progress is being made, but there is so much more to be done. Please support my efforts!

National Brain Tumor Society (NBTS) is a leader in the brain tumor community, bringing together the best of research, patient services, and advocacy to be a comprehensive resource for patients, families, caregivers, researchers, and medical professionals.

National Brain Tumor Society invests wisely and strategically across the research spectrum, seeking new therapeutic targets and improving existing treatments, which will ultimately lead to a cure. National Brain Tumor Society provides education and information to help patients, families, and caregivers make informed decisions and develop strong support systems during every stage of the journey.

Your support ensures this important work will continue.

The Brain Train Raised
Milestone Rachel Whitlock $290.00
Milestone Margie Adams $175.00
Lisa Rossi Alicia Rossi $25.00
Chrissy Baglione $30.00
Gabby Baglione $30.00
Maria Baglione $30.00
Alyssa Baronio $25.00
Kara Braun $25.00
Lindsay Capoferri $25.00
Nicole Cook $30.00
Karen Diamicis $25.00
Kylie DiAmicis $25.00
Milestone Darlene Donaldson $100.00
Seth Eshelman $25.00
Milestone Michele Ferguson $100.00
Amanda Grumbling $30.00
Alexandra Gutierrez $10.00
Jasmine Gutierrez $10.00
Keith Harnish $30.00
Sarah Harnish $30.00
mary hauer $30.00
Morga Holzhauer $25.00
Ahnika Hoover $10.00
Jennie Hoover $25.00
Amy Housekeeper $25.00
Emma Housekeeper $25.00
maura housekeeper $10.00
Gary Karp $25.00
Natalie kershner $90.00
Ashlee Kreider $70.00
Deborah Kreider $75.00
Ellis Kreider $25.00
Kerri Kreider $25.00
Lewis Kreider $25.00
Mackenzie Kreider $10.00
Morgan Kreider $45.00
Morgan Kreider $10.00
Nicholas Kreider $50.00
ryan kreider $30.00
Shannon Kreider $25.00
Vickie Kreider $25.00
Abigail Landis $10.00
Dana Landis $30.00
Monica Landis $25.00
Sarah Landis $25.00
Summer Landis $30.00
Annie Lowery $25.00
Angela McFadden $25.00
Carl D McFadden $25.00
Rebecca Mclain $25.00
Erin Miller $25.00
Megan Minchhoff $25.00
Kelley Mitchell $25.00
Veronica Mull $25.00
Jen O'Connell $25.00
Addison O'Donnell $25.00
Austin O'Donnell $25.00
Laurie O'Donnell $25.00
Logan O'Donnell $10.00
Kirsten Oconnell $30.00
Valerie Osborne $50.00
Paul Plechner $25.00
Alicia Rossi $30.00
Andrea Sensenig $25.00
Mallory Sensenig $25.00
Brooke Silver $25.00
Brittany Sisk $25.00
Katie Touchton $30.00
Lucie Vickers $25.00
Madeleine Weaver $25.00
Marlene Weaver $25.00
Sydney Weaver $30.00
Nicole Welk $30.00
Jessica Wenger $25.00
Madelynn Whitlock $25.00
Nelson Whitlock $25.00
Tyler Whitlock $25.00
Stephanie Wood $25.00
Karen Zander $25.00
Lenny Zander $25.00
Team Gifts $1,360.00
Denotes a Team Captain