Fighting For The Cure

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Support My Fight Against Brain Tumors 

Welcome to my page.  I am committed to helping recent Drake graduates, Zachary (’07) and Spencer Greene (’09)— and the hundreds of thousands of other Americans with brain tumors — to live full, normal lives.  They are doing well now, but there is no cure for brain tumors and they face serious risks in the future.   

Funds raised by Fighting for the Cure will go to the only dedicated research fund for Oligodendroglioma brain tumors (the kind the Greene boys have). There are promising new medical developments within reach, but funding for research now is critical.  There hasn’t been an effective new treatment developed in the past 15 years!

I have joined Fighting for the Cure to prove that working together we can make a difference in the lives of people we love, our neighbors, and the country. Please support my efforts!

We are proud to be working with the National Brain Tumor Society (NBTS), a leader in the brain tumor community, providing for critical research and advocacy to advance the cause of better treatments and, eventually, a cure for brain tumors.

Your support ensures this important work will continue.