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Race for Hope - Philadelphia


Join our effort to support our friend Steph's Fight Against Brain Cancer!

Steph, a friend and former teammate on the Cal Women's Lacrosse Team, graduated from law school on May 18, 2013. The next day, she went for a run and had a seizure. The hospital in La Jolla, CA diagnosed Steph with a large brain tumor in her left temporal lobe. It is possible Steph has had this tumor for many years, but the symptoms had not yet impacted her day to day life. She flew back home to Maryland with her parents to be seen by the Neurosurgery Department at Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

On June 17th, Steph underwent a craniotomy where a team of neurosurgeons removed most of the tumor and added gliadel wafers around the cancerous cells. Since being released from the hospital Steph has started radiation treatment, which she receives daily at Johns Hopkins as well as oral chemotherapy.

Steph is and always has been a fighter (on and off the field). Please help support Steph's fight by walking/running/jogging? with us in the Philly 5k or donating to our cause. Raising money in the fight against this disease is particularly important because brain cancer research is extremely underfunded. Money is critical for research to lead to new treatment options and early detection of brain tumors.

We hope to see many of our friends, teammates, family and loved ones at the race, and we appreciate your donations. Thank you in advance for your support! Please keep Steph in your thoughts and prayers as she continues to fight this disease. And, of course....



If you can't make the race, feel free to join us for our post-race lunch at the Belgian Cafe in Philly! RSVP here:

Join us and together we will make a difference.

Madeleine Dale $225.00
stecolsmi $50.00
Laura Cavallo $250.00
Susan Dael $200.00
Morgan Dyson $200.00
Jacob Fratella $50.00
Aliza J. Sokolow $0.00
Fundraising Badge Kiki Kalkstein $1,206.00
Fundraising Badge Paige Keffer $400.00
Ghillie Little $50.00
Deirdre McQuillan $50.00
TJ O'Brien $0.00
Shannon O'Hare $225.00
Samantha Price $50.00
Alyssa Romano $25.00
Geoffrey Roth $175.00
Benjamin Veldman $50.00
Team Gifts $1,712.22
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