Bay Area Brain Tumor Walk

Alex's Fighters

Our friend, son, brother, Alex Stevenson, passed away from job related brain cancer on May 24, 2013. Alex wanted to be a firefighter since he was a little boy and when he was diagnosed with cancer in 2005, he was living his dream, working for CAL FIRE. For over 8 years, he never lost his optimism and hope that there would be a cure and someday he would be back driving a fire engine. He fought courageously, with kindness and a sense of humor that brought laughter and smiles to those around him. When Alex died, he didn't lose to cancer. As another fighter, Stuart Scott said, "When you die it does not mean that you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by how you live, why you live and the manner in which you live." Although Alex lost his life to cancer, he beat cancer by how he lived and the impact he left behind. He inspired the rest of us to be kind, appreciate our own life and never give up. On that day in May, the time had come for him to lay down his sword and now it's up to us to pick it up and continue his fight for a cure. 


On May 21, "Alex's Fighters" will be honoring him by walking in the Bay Area Brain Tumor Walk in San Francisco. We are raising awareness and much-needed resources to fund critical brain tumor-specific programs to improve the lives of all those affected by brain tumors. Every action has an impact. Join, donate, show the world: fighting cancer is not beyond us. Join our team or donate today and be a fighter! 

Alex's Fighters are uniting with others to make a difference in the fight against brain tumors. We are passionate about this cause, so we are taking action. We need your help in this fight. National Brain Tumor Society will not rest until a cure exists - but more needs to be done. Please join in our efforts!

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National Brain Tumor Society is fiercely committed to finding a cure for brain tumors. They are aggressively driving strategic research; advocating for public policies that meet the critical needs of the brain tumor community; and providing comprehensive patient, family and caregiver resources. Your support ensures this important work will continue.

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