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Dunning-Liebman Walkers

I am "virtually" walking for my cousin Jamie Liebman and his wife Judy Dunning who have each passed away! I know that over the years I have not been able to raise as much money as when I first started, but please know that I think about my cousin and his wife all the time.  

Here is a little history about the Dunning-Liebman Walkers. Here is there story that I copied from a previous year! 

My name is Judith Katherine Dunning and I was diagnosed with Oligodendroglioma after a craniotomy in January of 2008. I spent a week in Intensive Care at UCSF, followed by three more weeks in the hospital. In April, I started a full year of chemotherapy. It was a rough year. When I was partway through chemotherapy, Jamie Liebman, my husband of twenty years, woke up one Monday morning and told me, "Jude, there is something very wrong with me." Unbelievably, within a few hours, we were informed that Jamie had a mass on his brain. He was admitted to a local hospital and I contacted my brain team at UCSF. Less than two weeks later, Jamie had a craniotomy. His diagnosis was serious, Glioblastoma Multiforme Stage IV. He began radiation and one year of chemotherapy.

Our son Michael Dunning Liebman was 18 and graduating early from high school in January 2009 when Jamie was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Michael was 19 when his father died on June 12, 2010, sixteen months following his diagnosis. Jamie always hoped that he would be the Miracle Man and a cure would be discovered before his death.

 The Dunning and Liebman families helped us so much during our illnesses. Our friends, colleagues, and neighbors drove us to appointments, visited us in the hospital, cooked wonderful meals, delivered fresh vegetables and gave us warmth and support. We would not have made it without all the help.

 If I could raise money for brain tumor support, as both a brain tumor patient and a caregiver to Jamie, I would ask for the following:

 More research on cancer clusters

  • Discussions on palliative care for family members
  • Ongoing support from grief counselors for patients, caregivers, family and friends
  • Healing yoga practices for patients and caregivers
  • Strengthening chiropractic services
  • Providing health advocates for everyone

 Our son Michael graduated Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. He studied Political Science, is worked with juveniles in a maximum security facility, and he's playing guitar in the Vexx Band. He's an excellent cook, just like his Dad.



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