Boston Brain Tumor Ride

Maya and Allison Ludtke, 2015 Brain Tumor Ride
Maya and Allison Ludtke, 2015 Brain Tumor Ride

B.J.s Team

Come ride with B.J.'s Team! It's fun and invigorating when we head out for our Sunday morning bike ride that takes us past Walden Pond and Louisa May Alcott's house. We circle Concord's green and then head to Drumlin Farm before cruising the hills of Weston and finishing where we started — at Reservoir Woods in Waltham.

If riding a bike isn't for you, then join our team in spirit. Contribute to B.J.'s Team and we will pedal for you.

This will be B.J.'s Team's 14th ride in memory of my dad and Maya's Poppa. For my niece Allison, it will be her 6th, and for the cousins, Nate, his 3rd and Anya, her first (we hope). Through the years friends have joined up on the ride as our circle of contributors expands, and this year we are joined as a riding and fundraising partner by Marilyn Altbush, whose daughter Faith died at the age of 8 due to an incurable brain tumor. We're fortunate to have each of you as a supporter.

Thank you for being with us through the years. Here's to another great ride on May 19, 2018!


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