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Team Starr 2016
Team Starr 2016

Team Starr


The Brain Tumor Ride is a fun and inspirational day where the brain tumor community unites to inspire hope and take action in the fight against brain tumors. 

Progress in this fight starts one team, one rider, and one dollar at a time. Like the National Brain Tumor Society, we are fiercely committed to finding a cure.

Meet Team Starr:

Captain - Sandy Starr - A veteran rider. He loves to ride in the rain but prefers to ski powder. His bike is named "Dark Starr" and is very fast! He just got clip in bike shoes and has gone on several rides with his new shoes without injury. 

Patti Goldberger is a veteran of many Brain Tumor rides. She got a new bike last year, she calls it "White Lighting". It is very fast but is prone to flat tires. We miss the basket she had on her old bike.

Tyler Starr, last year's rookie of the year, will not be riding this year. He will be in the holy land praying for good weather for Team Starr on the day of the ride.

Julie Starr Duker is a very good rider and former hockey player but she hasn't decided if she is going to ride or enter a competitve brisket cook off on the day of the ride. Her brisket is great but we hope she rides because she is very fun at the post ride celebration.

Andy Gillies - The team doctor. He is very busy and we hope that gets in some training rides before the event. He recently took a course in wilderness emergency medicine which might be helpful as we ride around in the Concord wilderness because two years ago we had to treat him for a cramps in both his legs.

David "le Poulet Noir" Elan is now an excellent skier. Team Starr has not heard from Le Poulet yet. Hopefully, he will get back from Jackon Hole in time to ride. 

Dianne Hurley - She is recovering from sucessful hip replacement surgery. She can't ride this year, not because of the surgery (something as trivial as a hip replacemnt would not hold back this former Harvard ice hockey captain), but because she is a girl scout den mother and is hosting a girl scout overnight camping event in upstate New York. Team Starr will miss you.

The Dashe Family - Sadly,  John, Ben, John and William can't ride this year. Team Starr loves families who ride. Hopefully, they will ride next year.

Sue Bear is back!!! She missed last year's ride because the excellent play that she wrote opened on the day of the ride. Sue is an experieinced and powerful rider, she likes to ride up hills and to go on training rides.

Jo-Anne Haney Tilton - Team Starr welcomes new rider Jo-Anne! A long time Team Starr supporter, Jo-Anne is now a bike rider and will be joining us on the roads. She is also a doctor and a bike team can never have too much medical support.

Jennifer Silver is an excellent rider and loves to go on training rides. Hopefully, she is riding this year but I haven't heard from her yet.

Webmaster and Ground Control Raine Figueroa.

Spiritual Leaders Jason Starr and Jake Duker.

Sponsorship - Bear Duker is trying to get Team Starr sponsored. I wish he would because Team Starr needs some swag. Also, Bear is trying to get Draft Kings to do a fantasy event for the ride.

Team Accountant - Starr Finer Starr LLP.

Team Pet - Algernon (he is a transgender cat now)

Team Beverage - Magic Hat 9 and/or Rolling Rock.


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NBTS is fiercely committed to finding a cure for brain tumors. NBTS aggressively drives strategic research; advocates for public policies that meet the critical needs of the brain tumor community; and provides comprehensive patient, family, and caregiver resources.

Your support ensures this important work will continue.

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