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When I began my brewing career almost a decade ago, I never imagined the industry would be full of so many unique people, with so many incredible stories. One of the most impactful of which has been Angelo De Ieso of , and NBTS Team BrewPublic. I first met Angelo just months after opening Flat Tail Brewing Co., and he quickly welcomed me into the fold; promoting our tiny, unheard of brewery freely and without compensation. Angelo has opened his heart to countless Oregon Breweries since we first met, and continues to be a pioneer in the craft industry, even since being diagnosed with a oligodendroglioma brain tumor.

It is Angelo's spirit of giving, open heart, and boundless humor that originally inspired me to make his cause my own. On May 1st, 2019 I will be attempting my third annual motorcycle endurance ride, from Corvallis Oregon, all the way to San Diego California, with the goal of covering 1,000 miles.

For every mile I ride, I am asking you to match my effort with a monetary donation. No donation is too small, and certainly no donation is too large. As Flat Tail Brewing and a select few partners will be covering all costs associated with the ride, and BrewPublic and The Brewing Network have generously volunteered to advertise our fundraiser at their own cost, absolutely every penny you donate will go directly to the National Brain Tumor Society.

-100% of funds go directly to the National Brain Tumor Society
-Tax Deductible Donation, with a receipt from the NBTS
-I will only have 24 hours to complete my ride, and will attempt to finish as many miles as possible.
-You may donate a single lump sum as well, if you choose not to pledge per mile.
-Per mile pledges will be listed in the comment section.

As you may well assume, any motorcycle ride over 400 miles involves many potential mitigating factors, from weather and mechanical issues, to rider fatigue and traffic. A reasonable minimum distance expected will be 600-800 miles, with a maximum of 1,250 (this is not a likely distance, but I'll be doing my best to get close, and will probably land right around 1000). Keep these distances in mind when planning your donation, and feel free to list a maximum total amount as well. Otherwise, plan on multiplying the number of miles I successfully ride by the amount of your pledge, I.E. if I ride 1,000 miles, and you donate $.25 per mile, your final donation will be $250.00. That same pledge would yield $150 if I only complete 600 miles, and $312.50 if I complete 1,250 miles.

Together, with your donation, we WILL find a cure!

Contact with any questions.n my effort!

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National Brain Tumor Society is fiercely committed to finding a cure for brain tumors. They are aggressively driving strategic research and advocating for public policies that meet the critical needs of the brain tumor community. Your support ensures this important work will continue.

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