Portland Brain Tumor Walk

Nicole and Friends

I am uniting with others to make a difference in the fight against brain tumors. I am passionate about this cause, so I’m taking action. I need your help in this fight.  National Brain Tumor Society will not rest until a cure exists - but more needs to be done. Please join in my effort!


Hello to all! This is the page for Nicole and Friends fundraising for the National Brain Tumor Society. All are welcome to register for our team and all are welcome to support us by donating! Nicole and Friends!

If you know me, you know that I'm a 4-year brain tumor survivor. When I learned about the Brain Tumor Walk going on here in Portland, it was a no-brainer (get it?) that I had to join the cause. In 2013, at the age of 15, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of a tangerine. It was wrapped around my brainstem, my ear canal, and part of my eye. I was falling over, I lost 2 decibels of my hearing, my brain's ability to process what I saw slowed down somewhat, and I had the mentality of a fifth grader. After 33 hours of surgery and 6 weeks of radiation therapy, I made it through. I still have many issues I have to deal with, but I'm lucky in comparison. Now, I'm a college student and want to start my advocacy for tumor and cancer survivors this year. I received a scholarship from the charity Cancer for College that made it possible for me to go to college. I'm hoping that through my partnership with them and everyone my family knows, I can fundraise more for the NBTS. What I went through was hard, but there are others that need more help than me. We all deserve a cure, so let's fight!

 -Nicole Meade, team capitan


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National Brain Tumor Society is fiercely committed to finding a cure for brain tumors. They are aggressively driving strategic research and advocating for public policies that meet the critical needs of the brain tumor community. Your support ensures this important work will continue.

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