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Sunday May 4, 2014     Freedom Plaza, Washington, DC
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Cassidy Turley

Cassidy Turley became involved as the title sponsor of the Race for Hope in 2000 after our co-founder, Pat Cassidy, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Before Pat succumbed to the disease in 2001, he took great pride in knowing that his company was taking a leadership role in helping to raise funds for brain tumor research, a tradition that we continue in 2014, as the Race for Hope celebrates its 17th Anniversary on May 4th.

"Much of what Cassidy Turley is today is a reflection of Pat's drive and vision," said Joe Stettinius, Chief Executive Officer of Cassidy Turley.  Since Pat was diagnosed, all of those lives he touched at our company have worked each year to raise funds for brain tumor research.  Last year, the Cassidy Turley team raised over $121,600 during this event! This year, our ambitious team goal is $150,000.

Please support our company, the Brain Tumor Society and Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure as we work to find a cure for this disease.  Your support will help us ensure we reach our goal. Take a moment to join our Cassidy Turley race team (even if you are unable to walk or run in the event).  With your support we can make all the difference in this worthwhile cause and the lives that depend on this research.

Thank you for your support of Team Cassidy Turley!

Cassidy Turley Raised
Brian Daly $290.00
Michael Alexander $90.00
Anthony Andrade $40.00
Mario Arce $40.00
Selene Argueta $40.00
Judith Arman $200.00
Eugene Ballantine $40.00
Debbie Barron $40.00
Deborah Bartlett $200.00
Marta Bermudez $0.00
Nicolas Bermudez $0.00
Nick Blessing $45.00
Stephanie Blessing $395.00
Erica Bostrom $40.00
Linda Boulden $40.00
Carly Boyce $1,290.00
Chris Boyce $45.00
Dana Boyce $45.00
Catherine Bright $40.00
Todd Brinkman $540.00
James Burnett $45.00
James Cassidy $345.00
Aileen Chang $45.00
Garrett Chang $1,690.00
Michael Collins $40.00
Paul Collins $40.00
Robyn Collins $40.00
Shaun Collins $40.00
Ben Comm $2,495.00
Erica Comm $45.00
Adrian Conforti $140.00
Dennis Cotter $140.00
Erin Cotter $40.00
Patrick Cotter $40.00
Keith Cutrufello $45.00
Brian Daly $40.00
Emily Daly $40.00
Mary Daly $40.00
Christopher Darling $40.00
Danielle Darling $40.00
Roberto Diaz $45.00
Rosalia Diaz $40.00
Lee Dunfee $45.00
Mei Mei Dunfee $45.00
Jennifer Edwards $90.00
Nate Edwards $45.00
Anne Flannagan $40.00
Tasha Fleury $40.00
Thomas Forrester $45.00
Bradley Geiger $270.00
Ignacio Gomez $50.00
Jim Grant $45.00
Tiffany Green $40.00
William Grillo $1,040.00
Lindsey Groom $40.00
Dorothy Hamilton $1,200.00
Alexander Hancock $55.00
CJ Hardy $55.00
Colin Hartley $45.00
Will Harvey $40.00
Deirdre Hawkins $40.00
Marvin Hawkins $40.00
Myles Hawkins $20.00
Casey House $45.00
Harry Hsing $45.00
Vanessa Iskandar $40.00
Shelley James $40.00
David Keil $40.00
Theresa Keil $140.00
Kimberly Keleher $115.00
William Keleher $40.00
Kelly Kenefick $40.00
heith kistler $0.00
kaileigh kistler $0.00
Lori Kistler $0.00
scott kistler $0.00
Ann Layman $40.00
Catherine Leonard $40.00
Kimberly Lewis $1,610.00
Adabel Marquina $40.00
Dale Martin $40.00
Sandra Mccrone $140.00
Kerry McNamara $95.00
Tiffany Miles $40.00
Kara Milkovich $40.00
Rhonda Milkovich $40.00
michael miller $100.00
Bob Mills $40.00
Jaz Mitchell $45.00
Debrework Mulugeta $40.00
Kellyann Mussel $45.00
Luisabeth Naranjo $1,020.00
Cara O'Brien $45.00
Matthew Patterson $40.00
Donna Paul $40.00
Marina Paul $40.00
Carol Payne $550.00
Andrew Poliskey $40.00
Angela Poliskey $45.00
Diane Poliskey $40.00
Michael Poliskey $20.00
Nickolas Poliskey $45.00
Billy Pritchett $100.00
Shelley Radomski $145.00
Kregg Reynolds $40.00
Brian Rodgers $45.00
Finn Rodgers $45.00
Ryan Rodgers $20.00
Kate Root $145.00
Jud Ryan $290.00
Kelly Ryan $40.00
Leigh Sacks $45.00
Rachel Scarr $50.00
Amber Schofer $45.00
Jeremy Schofer $45.00
Joan Scott $500.00
Jayne Shister $200.00
John Short $0.00
Catherine Smolka $70.00
Sabine Snavely $145.00
Chris Sowick $200.00
Eli Spear $20.00
Georgie Spear $20.00
Todd Spear $45.00
William Stern $200.00
Sadie Sterud $40.00
Mike Stotler $40.00
Mark Sullivan $540.00
Anna Taylor $40.00
Phillip Thomas $540.00
Evan Tyroler $100.00
Samwel Updike $45.00
Tom Updike $395.00
Olivia Vietor $40.00
Anne Vinh $100.00
David Weber $40.00
Shaun Weinberg $270.00
Maureen Wheeler $70.00
Napualokelani Wiley $40.00
Connor Wills $40.00
Lindsey Wohning $40.00
Team Gifts $104,590.00
Denotes a Team Captain


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