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Thank you for the support that all of you have given to Randi?s Racers, National Brain Tumor Society, and to our family.  In December Randi passed the milestone of kicking cancer's ass for 10 years.  During that time she she has undergone 3 surgeries, two 6-week bouts of radiation, a year of chemo, hundreds of hospital visits, dozens of MRI?s and countless seizures.  But there?s no stopping her.  Randi is still thriving thanks to her unyielding spirit, unconquerable will, and the amazing doctors and nurses that have been with us the whole way.

Much of the research and medical advances that have helped Randi over the years would not be possible without funds provided by organizations like National Brain Tumor Society.  Procedures like AutoLitt, which Randi underwent in July, did not exist just few years ago.  Other promising treatments for Glioblastoma Multiforme are in advanced clinical trials and we are confident that one of them will be Randi?s silver bullet.

Unfortunately we received word a few days ago that Randi's tumor has returned.  Our doctors are currently working to determine her next course of treatment while we also research clinical trials.  But Randi is feeling great and can't wait to spend race day with friends and family. 

Please join Randi's Racers on Sunday, May 5 for our 10th year of participating in the Race for Hope.  This event has become an annual milestone for our family and friends to celebrate Randi's continued dominance of brain cancer.  At our peak we had 46 people walk for Randi's Racers.  Let's break 50 team members this year!

If you are unable to join us at the race, please consider donating to support Randi's Racers.  We have experienced the fantastic work of the National Brain Tumor Society first-hand and know that every dollar brings us closer to cure for brain tumors.

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