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You May Have to Fight the Battle More Than Once to Win It!

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~~~"Hope is the passion that keeps us going through difficulties. It is the life raft we cling to instead of giving up. The expecation that we will see the silver lining of every black cloud that comes our way."~~~

On my 25th birthday my sister gave me a plaque that said "Search for the Silver Lining". I was filled with nothing but belief that turning 25 and celebrating 10 years of being tumor free, was my silver lining. The year was 2008. Life was good, and the years of 1987, 1991, 1993, 1998, and the tumors that came with those years, were far behind me. 

Fast Forward. April 18, 2011. 

My journey as a survivor took a turn when the call came that there was a recurrence. I melted at the sound of the word.  This wasn't 'supposed' to happen. It had been 13 years. Something about 'this time around' was going to be different. I was determined to be headstrong, hopeful and above all to never give up. After 16 months it was time to put my strength to the test, and to treat the tumor with radiation. On October 5, 2012 I was ready to be a true Tumor Tackler, for the 5th time, and the treatments began.

Fast Forward. February 26, 2013. This time the news was good, the tumor seems to be responding to the radiation. On the ride home from Johns Hopkins it is hard to believe that this 5th fight is somewhat behind me after almost 2 years. There are tears of joy, but even more so, smiles and phone calls filled with HOPE.

While I have been fortunate to remain healthy and strong since my last "battle", words of inspiration will always fill my days.

At our 2013 kickoff meeting a fellow survivor delivered the following mssage and I carry it as my HOPE that while I can't change the "past" of what brain tumors have brought to my life, I can continue to HOPE fr a cure in the future.

"We all go into this battle as soldiers. We are drafted into this army without a choice, but what we carry with us; the emotional armor, our humor and our strength to push forward are what allow us to overcome this battle."

On May 4th, I'll lace up my shoes for my 6th year at the Race for Hope, and celebrate my journey as a 5 time survivor. Whilfe this day will be significant for me, I'm hoping that with your financial support and interest, one day the journey for many brain tumor surivors and patients will change, and we will have a CURE.

 We, the brain tumor community, have no option but to keep on believing that one day we will find the our silver lining. For my team, Tumor Tacklers, our ultimate touchdown is a CURE!


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