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Sunday May 4, 2014     Freedom Plaza, Washington, DC
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Sun May4th

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Erin & Her Brain Tumor Buddies

(Formerly Team Erin's Hope aka the Brain Tumor Buddies)


This Sunday, May 4th, 2014  I will be celebrating my 12th  year of survivorship of brain cancer by attending the Race for Hope for a Brain Cancer Cure in Washington, DC. Many of you know that I was not expected to survive this long, and it has been quite a bumpy road to say the least. Two brain surgeries (one wide awake with the central lines in my toes), 15 picc lines, a passport catheter, and two mediports, many funky disorders,  And it has not been without the incredible love and support of my many friends and family that I wouldn't be here today, so for that, I thank you. I truly appreciate each day I wake up breathing to enjoy the craziness that my children bring me...sometimes I feel like surviving this nasty disease called cancer is easier than raising teenagers!! Yikes... But I wouldn't trade it for the world. Kiley started college this year, Tatum is a sophmore, and Mia is finishing up 5th grade! (oh yes, and that trip down the stairs where I am just recovering from a broken right ankle and two tears in my rotator cuff and labrum.. that's what I do for fun... but the planned vaction in the middle of it.. soooo wrong)

Last year I was diagnosed with yet another BT. This one in the Brain and Spine. There are not treatment options available to me as I have maxed out on Radiation, it is in an inoperable place, and due to no immune system from the CVID, I am not a candidate for Chemo. But have no worries, I seem to have nine lives, The way I figure, I have about four left.. The severe grand mals from last October (my "hey, you have a new tumor in here",  left me with some functional deficits with my left leg, but no worries, my mouth still works... I know, you were concerned. I tend to forget more, but stuff still comes flying out!

As of last year, many of you might have noticed the change of the team name. I am sad to report that two of my dear friends had recently been diagnosed with aggressive brain tumors. The beauty of our team is that the five of us met by chance but are friends by choice. The sad part is we are bonded by a nasty disease. Linda Rollins was battling a GBM tumor, a grade  where I am a grade 3. Her's is known as a GBM, or Glioblastoma Multiform. It went from a grade 2 to a 4 in about 2 months. Linda died just before Thanksgiving. Living only about a year with her diagnosis. My friend Kristen Andre, was diaganosed with a pNet  tumor, which is a rare type of tumor, and has had two craniotomy's in a month as the tumor continues to grow back so quickly. Though recent news after radiation and current chemo showed some good news..she was recently put under the care of Hospice. She is just 35 and has lived with her diagnoses for about a year as well, is a single mom, and is leaving behind Ryan, a beautiful little boy, almost 4 years old. So, with this said, My heart is broken. Sometimes I ask why? Why them. Why am I still here? I am so blessed to still be surviving. But I continue to fight, as have they. There is no such thing as a life expectency. And this we should not take for granted. For all of the Linda's, and Kristens, and my friend Jan whod just underwent surgery at the beginning of the month... we need to continue to fight.  

And every year, I see so many familiar faces, new faces, and sadly, those that succuombed to the disease in the past year. Its always heartbreaking. But if we continue to work hard, curing brain tumors can lead to the cure of breast cancer, liver and pancreatic cancers. Many people don't realize that glial tumor is the clue to cure to many types of metastatic cancers.. Wouldn't that be amazing???  

So please, I am asking for any donations. I realize times are tough. Trust me, I know.. lol.. If you know me, you know I am preaching to the choir. But it wouldn't be me if I wouldn't ask. Don't want to give online? Please feel free to send me a check made out to the Race for Hope and send it to me at: 2429 Saint Albert Terr Brookeville, MD 20833

Thanks for listening. And just remember..

I am tougher than I know, Stronger than I look & Powered by Hope (lisa nelson)





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