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Ed and Cindy
Ed and Cindy

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Ms. Cynthia Krosky

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Cindy Krosky

In January 2008, my husband Ed was diagnosed with a Inflitrative Anaplastic Astrocytoma Level III. We heard of the walk as we began our research and treatment and discussed participating. Dr's discussed that it was rare to have a level III tumor and they prescribed aggressive treatment as if it were a Level IV Glioblastoma. The doctors meeting with us on April 2, informed us that biopsy had misdiagnosed the tumor and that what he had been fighting was Gliobastoma that had grown aggressively from the start. On April 17, 2008 Ed lost the battle that he had fought so hard to win. He had so many more memories he wanted to make and wanted share.  I walk hoping others may survive and may get to have more memories, more birthdays, and more anniversaries. In the words of my husband in February 2008, "Stamp Out Brain Tumors."

I walk in memory of Ed

Ed was my soul mate and I ache deeply,but I want to make a difference for others. We saw the bracelets that say "Brain Tumors Matter" and decided to personalize bracelets to show our love and support of Ed's battle. When asked what he wanted to the braclets to say, he said "Stamp Out Brain Tumors." So we walk each year hoping to help stamp out brain tumors that change lives forever hoping to decrease the number of people who are taken from us by this disease.  I love you Ed and miss you more than words can ever express.

Ed our hero

You remain so much a part of so many lives. We miss you and are working to do as you ask. To Stamp Out Brain Tumors. As we walk we will remember you, we will share stories and memories that will make us laugh, and those that will cause us to cry, and at times as in years past sometimes we walk in silence because even our silence speaks loudly. We miss you.

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