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Sunday May 4, 2014     Freedom Plaza, Washington, DC
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Team Pamela Sue


I'm very proud and honored to be the captain of Team Pamela Sue, named after a wonderful and inspiring lady who left a positive impression on everyone she met. Pam died peacefully on September 29th, 1995, surrounded by the amazing and loving members of her family, Lionel, Sandy and Stephanie. In her final moments, Pam may have thought this was the end for her. It wasn't. To honor Pam, her parents Lionel and Sandy Chaiken teamed-up with Dana Daczkowsk, a new mother who was also suffering from a brain tumor. To fight their common enemy, the Chaikens, Mrs. Daczkowsk and her sister Nicola Beddow started this race. Together, they attended other charity races while searching for a sponsor. Thankfully, Duron Paints came through with a check that helped to establish the Race for Hope.

Sixteen years and almost $20,000,000 later, The Race for Hope is now the largest brain tumor race in the world. Team Pamela Sue has been there all sixteen years, and so far we have raised over $500,000. Much of the money we've raised has been used for research that has resulted in treatment advancements like a brain tumor vaccine, gene marker therapy, and the drug Avastin. Not only does team Pamela Sue include Lionel Chaiken, the race founder, but we also have a 20 year, grade III astrocytoma (brain tumor) survivor!

Over the last sixteen years we've had some setbacks too. On Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2009, after a five-month battle, Beth Kenyon, the mother of a close friend died from a brain tumor. Several years ago, my Aunt Suzi died from a brain tumor as well. Although there have been considerable advances since Pamela Sue died in 1995, much more must be learned about brain tumors. However, this research does not come cheaply. Please join me and the rest of Team Pamela Sue on May 4, 2014, as we attack brain tumors with a sense of urgency. Your presence and/or support would be greatly appreciated.

On behalf of the Chaikens and the entire Team Pamela Sue family, I would like to thank you in advance for your support this year, as well as the support you have shown us over the last sixteen years. Please join our team and come running with us, whether you have supported us in the past or not. Be a part of the group who this May will once again give hope to those suffering with brain tumors, as we strive to create a world free of this horrible disease.

Jeremy T. Smith

Team Pamela Sue

Team Pamela Sue Raised
Jeremy Smith $395.00
Cappendyck 2 $45.00
Cappendyck 3 $45.00
Cappendyck 4 $45.00
Desiree Bergeron $390.00
Alex Betbeder $45.00
Denise Blady $40.00
Barry Boden $0.00
Steve Cappendyck $45.00
Lionel Chaiken $42,668.00
Sandra Chaiken $350.00
Stephanie Chaiken $100.00
Carol Chaikin $45.00
Kevin Chaikin $45.00
Mark Chaikin $45.00
Sheida Chaikin $45.00
James Chamberlin $45.00
Johnny Cissel $40.00
Rob Cissel $140.00
Friends of Coach Joe Baer $41,869.00
David Coonin $50.00
wendy coonin $40.00
Bill Draper $45.00
Virginia Draper $45.00
Stacy Frost $45.00
Andrew Glick $50.00
Rachel Glick $50.00
Quinn Griffith $45.00
Thomas Griffith $45.00
Sharon Hazel $95.00
Jesica Kelly $45.00
Amanda Kessler $40.00
Jacky Kessler $40.00
Rachel Kessler $40.00
Tom Kessler $40.00
Lawrence Kessner $90.00
Kevin Kostelecky $40.00
Elizabeth Peck $40.00
Nathan Peck $45.00
John Pfaff $45.00
Charlotte Quigley $45.00
Kate Quigley $45.00
Annie Quigley-Santee $45.00
Elizabeth Rutten $40.00
Jessica Rutten $40.00
John Rutten $40.00
Betsey Sanpere $40.00
Joel Saydoff $290.00
jillianne shear $40.00
John Smith $45.00
Kristi Smith $45.00
Harold Stolberg $45.00
Katherine Stolberg $40.00
Evy Tourgeman $50.00
Gretchen Van Winter $40.00
Lance Van Winter $40.00
Nancy Wiegand $50.00
Lisa Zimmerman $45.00
Team Gifts $5,000.00
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