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Sunday May 4, 2014     Freedom Plaza, Washington, DC
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Peabody Tumor Trashers


Everyone on our team has been affected by brain tumors either with the diagnosis of a friend or family member or is battling the disease, themselves. We have all shared the pain of loss to brain cancer and the inspiration of fighting and beating this disease. 

This year we are proud to note that we have 5 SURVIVORS participating!

Steve Wildstrom was one of the founding board members of the Children’s Chorus of Washington (CCW) and has served on the board as an officer for most of the past 18 years. He has worked tirelessly to ensure the fiscal and organizational health of CCW. Steve, and his wife, Susan, have accompanied the chorus on most of their international tours. This is his first year with our team.

Susan Oglesby has also served on the Children's Chorus of Washington, and she has been constantly inspired by the achievements of these awesome kids! She and husband B divide their time between the Washington area and the Piedmont region of Italy, where they have a home. Susan sincerely hopes that her efforts to support brain tumor research will mean that many many more survivors will be able to continue their enjoyment of life with family and friends.

Ken Ferro joined our team in 2009 as a dedicated supporter, only to learn in 2012 that he, himself, would face his own tumor. This April, he had his tumor removed and is having a speedy and healthy recovery!

Julie Jameson also had her tumor removed, just last year. She is back to being healthy and vibrant.

Vicki Langerman, our longest supporter, joined our team in 2004, our very first year. She was instrumental in supporting our family during our struggle, especially her kindness to my then 5 year old,Lydia. She also developed a tumor and had it removed. She is thriving and surviving!

Our survivors are proof that our work is saving lives!

Thank you so much for your participation. 


Peabody Tumor Trashers Raised
Lisa Peabody $1,865.00
Kourosh Ashtary-Yazdi $40.00
Thomas Aycock $40.00
Noah Braunstein $40.00
Monte Brookshier $40.00
David Connelly $115.00
Jean Connelly $945.00
Alex Conway $40.00
Caroline Cornish $45.00
Rita Cornish $45.00
Trent Cornish $40.00
Bruce Cumming $40.00
Carol Cumming $240.00
Gregg Easterbrook $40.00
Spenser Easterbrook $40.00
Christopher Eastman $290.00
Marc Eastman $40.00
Susan Eastman $140.00
Ken Ferro $4,270.00
John Flannery $40.00
Kristina Flannery $40.00
Maddie Greenberg $60.00
Joan Gregoryk $100.00
Karen Hutchinson $40.00
Joan Jameson $40.00
Julie Jameson $810.00
Kevin Joseph $45.00
Andy Kameros $145.00
Jamie Kennedy $45.00
Nan Kennelly $40.00
Victoria Kimble $100.00
Carole Klein $90.00
Joanna Kramer $40.00
Emily Kuhn $40.00
Nancy Kuhn $45.00
Jack Langerman $40.00
Jenny Langerman $40.00
Scott Langerman $40.00
Tom Langerman $40.00
Vicki Langerman $40.00
Duncan McCracking $45.00
Henry McCracking $115.00
Kate Mccracking $40.00
Elizabeth Meyer $40.00
Susan Oglesby $8,970.00
Ben Peabody $90.00
Chris Peabody $630.00
Lydia Peabody $95.00
Mark Peabody $240.00
Eileen Richards $40.00
Annabelle Scully $40.00
Rachelle Singer $40.00
Elliot Snow $45.00
Jennifer Snow $45.00
Oliver Snow $45.00
Rob Snow $45.00
Sheridan Snow $45.00
Stephen Wildstrom $200.00
Team Gifts $4,300.00
Denotes a Team Captain


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