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In Honor of Carrie Silver

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Some of you may know that one of the many reasons I participate in the RFH every year is that I have an old friend who developed a brain tumor just after the turn of the millenium. She had surgery and radiation and went into remission for many years. She had the BEST spirit and attitude. She actually named her tumor - Timmy, after the South Park character. We all had to pronounce it the way Timmy did (Timmeh!). We all got t-shirts with a picture of Timmy, head half-shaved on it after her surgery.

Timmy was in the part of her brain where language and memory is centered. When they removed the tumor, they had to wake her a number of times during the 12-hour surgery to ask her questions and see if removing that section would take away too much of who she was. After removing as much of the tumor as they could safely, half Carrie's vocabulary was gone. But she wasn't the slightest bit bitter about it all. She would simply ask once every sentence or two something like "then the... people who put out fires" and we'd supply the word firemen; that word would be re-learned and she wouldn't skip a beat.

Thanks to the great doctors she had, a few years later I got to be part of her beautiful wedding. Then she and her husband had a baby boy, Sam. The doctors gave her many incredible years. But on this last New Year's Eve, Carrie lost her battle with her brain tumor. She was a shining light brightening every day of everyone around her before, during and after the diagnosis. To say she is missed now is a gross understatement.

This year, I am going to get in shape enough to run the race instead of walk it, in her honor. Carrie donated to my team when she was still with us. I hope to have my biggest donations year ever in her honor. It's past time to find a cure from this horrible disease that takes the best of us away from the rest of us.

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