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My name is Lori, I'm Ken's wife, and he asked that I update his page for him today.  You see, Ken is only 3 days post-op for the removal of his brain tumor, and in true Ken fashion, he's thinking of a greater cause instead of worrying about himself.
In 2009, Ken became involved with Race for Hope and Golf for Hope in an effort to support Chris Peabody and his family.  At the time, he worked for Chris and became inspired by his family's dedication to create awareness and raise funds for those affected by brain tumors.

We never imagined that Ken would soon be diagnosed with his own brain tumor.  In October 2011 after suffering a seizure at the gym, we (his family) urged Ken to see a neurologist, because we simply weren't comfortable with the diagnosis of dehydration that he received after a visit to the emergency room.  An MRI showed what quickly became any family's worse nightmare - a small lesion in his right temporal lobe.

We sought out a few opinions, but after a series of MRIs in the span of a few months, Ken's world class surgeon, Dr. Alfredo Quinones at Johns Hopkins, recommended regular monitoring but saw no reason to remove the tumor unless it started to grow or Ken developed any symptoms.  For two and a half years, Ken remained symptom free, however over the course of the past 15 months, his tumor grew 1-2 mm. Surgery became the recommended course of treatment.

On Friday, April 4 - just 3 days ago - Ken underwent neurosurgery at Hopkins to remove his tumor.  Ken's surgeon remains optimistic that what he removed is a low grade lesion and believes that Ken likely won't need any other treatment.  The pathology reports will tell us the full story, but we, as a family, remain optimistic like Dr. Q.  Just yesterday, 2 days post-op, we were able to bring Ken home.  Modern medicine is simply a marvel.  We can't believe how great he looks and feels just a few days after such serious surgery.   Fundraising just like this has enabled new surgical techniques to be developed to help patients just like Ken undergo less invasive surgeries that lead to faster recoveries.  

As always, Ken's attitude remains unchanged.  He's positive yet disappointed that he likely won't be able to particiate in this year's Golf for Hope and Race for Hope events.  This is only one of so many reasons that he inspires me every day.  He's the most amazing husband and father to our 14 month old twin boys, and we look forward to living a long beautiful life with him.

So many people have reached out to us since hearing of Ken's upcoming surgery, and all have asked what they can do to support us.  I gave Ken everyone's personal messages and told him everyone wants to help in any way possible.  Ken's response to me was, "Will you please update my race page and ask everyone to make a donation?" I do this today to fulfill his wish - a wish that we can continue to raise as much money as possible to eradicate brain tumors once and for all.  

This cause has provided us with a purpose and a very important reminder.  Every journey is different, but together we can make a real difference.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all for your continued love and support.

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