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December 2010-Me and mom
December 2010-Me and mom

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Mrs. Elizabeth O'Kane

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In November 2010, my tenacious mom ended up in the Emergency Room with mild stroke like pains.  The doctors couldn't find anything wrong and decided to go ahead and do an MRI "just to be safe".  That MRI revealed a "spot" on her brain that was later diagnosed as Glioblastoma multiforme, the most common and most aggressive form of brain cancer.  More commonly known as "Stage 4 brain cancer".  Her tumor was in a location that made it inoperable, an even bigger blow to her prognosis.  This started the whirlwind of worry, pain, doctors appointments, pokes, prods and most importantly-PRAYERS! 

Her prognosis was "3-4 months".  Mom fought this beast for over 2 years.  She was actually well enough to fly to DC for the Race for Hope in 2012 and walk in the "Survivors Walk".  It was a very emotional day.  She overcame her fear of flying and fear of big cities.  She had the time of her life at the race, and visiting the city!

Last year was very numbing for me as we showed up to the race site.  The year prior, we were celebrating my mom's achievements in battling brain cancer.  But last year, I was showing up honoring her memory.  It was very different not having her there to celebrate "her" moment.  Sadly, I was also honoring the memory of loved ones that friends and family had lost to brain cancer also.  Each year, I attach a bib to my shirt to honor those that have lost their battle.  This will be our teams 3rd race, and those lives we celebrate each year are growing.  Brain cancer can strike anyone, at any time.  Doctors do not know what causes brain cancer, and doctors do not know how to cure brain cancer.  Hopefully, thru the money we raise, researches will be able to fund researches to find a cure.

Your donation will help support brain cancer research in hopes that one day--WE will WIN!

My team, "Tenacious Theresa" is dedicated to my wonderful mother, my best friend, Theresa.  I love you and miss you every second of every day mom!

Thank you.

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