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Sunday May 4, 2014     Freedom Plaza, Washington, DC
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Race for Hope - DC

The Friends4Michael Running Team

For the 13th year in a row, the Friends4Michael Running Team will participate strongly in this run, which we call Michael's Run. We do that because Michael not only was very interested in participating in this race, but also because he and his team has been such a huge part of it. Michael wanted to raise money after he was diagnosed and together we chose this race to participate in and make that donation. That first year, he raised $15,000. We will donate as a team another $15,000 this year. We have donated over $250,000 since we have been participating.

Michael's Foundation, the Friends4Michael Foundation provides financial assistance and emotional support to families across the country whose child has a brain tumor. We can turn requests for funding around in 2-3 days, better than any other brain tumor support organization. If you care to donate, please go to or donate on this site. We partner with the National Brain Tumor Society and Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure because they have been such great supporters of Michael and our family. They are making a difference for brain tumor patients and families and we are proud to be supporters.

Please join our team as a runner, walker, volunteer or donor. We have had over 100 team members for 10 of the last 12 years - and last year we set a record with 203 teammates!  Once again, following the run/walk, we will have a party just for the Friends4Michael Running Team near the race site, which is just a great time! Make a difference and be part of a great event and a great team. See you there!




The Friends4Michael Running Team - Join Team Raised
Michael Kwinn $220.00
John Alexander $40.00
Eve Anderson $40.00
David Arterburn $240.00
William Barber $40.00
Monica Belisle Petring $40.00
Elisa Bennett $60.00
Steven Burdette $40.00
Lucina Celeste $40.00
Ray Celeste $45.00
Ron Celeste $45.00
William Cosby $45.00
Craig Doescher $45.00
Curt Doescher $45.00
Curt Doescher $90.00
Kathy Doescher $40.00
Sofi Driscoll $45.00
Robert Eisiminger $40.00
Tom Eisiminger $340.00
Stephen Epling $40.00
David Funk $40.00
John Funk $40.00
Matt Funk $40.00
Nellie Funk $40.00
Melissa Gliner $85.00
Ed Gomez $40.00
Nancy Gomez $40.00
Margaret Gordon $40.00
Rosario Guandique $40.00
Ross Guckert $45.00
Caren Hergenroeder $100.00
Suzanne Hickey $40.00
Eric Holmes $40.00
Ashley Holson $40.00
Emilee Holson $40.00
Steven Holson $40.00
Roslyn Houston $45.00
Mikita Ilyashevich $45.00
Sydney Jarrett $145.00
Cynthia Jones $40.00
Kyle Jones $50.00
Valeria Kapusta $45.00
Mery-Angela Katson $100.00
Andrea Keating $40.00
Kevin Keating $40.00
Lauren Keating $40.00
Robert Keating $90.00
Shannon Keating $40.00
Jimmie Keenan $40.00
John Keenan $40.00
Katie Keenan $40.00
Will Keenan $40.00
Jeanne Kelly $40.00
Julia Khvasechko $1,734.00
Mandar Kulkarni $40.00
Brigitte Kwinn $45.00
Cheryl Kwinn $40.00
david kwinn $40.00
Emerald Kwinn $40.00
Jade Kwinn $40.00
Jasmine Kwinn $40.00
Brian Lein $40.00
Terry Lein $40.00
Hector Maldonado $45.00
Julie Marriott $40.00
Dea Matty $40.00
Douglas Matty $40.00
Johnathan Matty $40.00
Deborah McDonald $45.00
Kenneth McDonald $40.00
Kiki Michelli $40.00
Thomas Michelli $40.00
Aubree Nagel $40.00
Mac Nagel $40.00
Megan Nagel $40.00
Ted Nagel $40.00
James Ngov $40.00
Rosalyn Ngov $40.00
Tom O'Hara $100.00
Annie Patenaude $40.00
Katie Petring $40.00
Michael Petring $40.00
Kait Phelan $40.00
Kelly Phelan $40.00
Robert Phelan $40.00
Sean Phelan $40.00
Jack Picciuto $100.00
Maryellen Picciuto $100.00
Carol Pitts $45.00
Kenneth Pitts $40.00
Amita Poole $40.00
David Poole $90.00
Michael Poole $40.00
Edson Quinteros $45.00
Madeline Quinteros $20.00
Sofia Quinteros $20.00
David Rapp $40.00
Deborah Rapp $40.00
Robert Rapp $40.00
William Rapp $40.00
brian robertson $40.00
Louise Robertson $40.00
nicole robertson $40.00
Paul Robertson $40.00
Beverly Rouse $40.00
Robert Rouse $40.00
Jenna Rowland $45.00
Marjorie Rudinsky $45.00
Little Tommy Ryan $20.00
Mikayla Ryan $20.00
Natalie Ryan $40.00
Tommy Ryan $40.00
kira schaller $45.00
michael schaller $45.00
Mikaela Schaller $45.00
peyton schaller $45.00
ryan schaller $45.00
Eric Schweppe $40.00
Michael Schweppe $45.00
Otto Schweppe $45.00
alex segovia $45.00
diosis segovia $45.00
Anita Singhal $40.00
Anya Singhal $40.00
Maya Singhal $40.00
Vineet Singhal $40.00
Mike Solis $100.00
Katherine Spaulding Alexander $40.00
Tylar Temple $45.00
Dipti Thaker $40.00
Jatan Thaker $40.00
Jigish Thaker $40.00
Kaushal Thaker $40.00
Brady Tilton $40.00
Kira Tilton $40.00
Michael Tilton $40.00
Sarah Tilton $40.00
Theresa Tokar $40.00
Kim Tompkins $45.00
Shaun Williams $120.00
JW Wohlever $40.00
Mara Work $65.00
Pat Work $40.00
Sally Ann Work $40.00
Ingrid Wuenschel $65.00
Team Gifts $3,350.00
Denotes a Team Captain


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