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Sunday May 4, 2014     Freedom Plaza, Washington, DC
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Friends of Carol Welsh - Super Survivor

Carol is a Super Sister, Super Friend, and Super Survivor.  Since her diagnosis in 2000, Carol has had three craniotomies, radiation, chemotherapy, a shunt, and Gamma Knife surgery.  Because of the side effects of the ependymoma tumor and the surgeries, she's also had two tracheostomies.  As if this weren't enough, this fall, Carol was also treated for DCIS, a non-invasive, 'Stage 0' breast cancer, unrelated to the brain tumor.  She's an absolutely amazing woman and we love her very much.  (To read more about Carol's story, visit Carol's website:  

The first Friends of Carol Welsh team was formed in 2004, raised about $100, and had five members, including Carol, who walked the 5K only 7 weeks after her second surgery.  Since that time, friends (ncluding fellow Survivors Beth Beardsley, Erin Kalan, and LJ Avalos) have joined us to raise more than $110,000; the funds are divided between Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure and the National Brain Tumor Society, organizations dedicated to finding a cure by providing research funding and supporting the brain tumor community.  

To make a donation, click on the orange button "Donate to team" on the right, or click on any team member's personal page and donate to their page.  If you'd like to walk, run, or volunteer on May 4, go to the green box below this message and click on "Join Team" or to the green button on the right.

If you have any questions about joining our team, making a donation, or the race itself please e-mail  As always, if you have friends or family who would like to join our team, make a donation, and/or volunteer for the race, please send them our way!

See you on May 4 and thanks!

Margaret Welsh and Elizabeth Welsh Lasko "Super Sister Co-Captains"


Friends of Carol Welsh - Super Survivor Raised
Margaret Welsh $4,820.00
Elizabeth Lasko $300.00
Haley Adams $40.00
Katherine Adams $100.00
Susan Allen $50.00
Naomi Austin $40.00
Senna Austin $40.00
John J Avalos $40.00
John T Avalos $40.00
Susan Avalos $40.00
Robert Bourdaudhui $40.00
Susan Bourdaudhui $40.00
Junior Bridge $0.00
Tuan Bui $50.00
Christi Connors $0.00
Sarah Crickenberger $45.00
Rosalind Fehr $50.00
Katherine Gehman $240.00
Daniel Greenwood $20.00
David Greenwood $40.00
Laura Greenwood $40.00
Nina Hodges $40.00
George Holmes $200.00
Judy Hope $40.00
Ned Hope $0.00
Tim Hope $40.00
Bonnie Kaplan $40.00
Danielle Kaplan $60.00
Irfan Khawaja $100.00
Debbie Klein $0.00
Michael Lasko $50.00
Lyn Michell $40.00
Barbara Moody $25.00
Janet Moses $0.00
Chris Moskoff $200.00
John Murray $45.00
Mary Murray $45.00
Ann Nichols $45.00
Nicole O'Shea $50.00
Thomas O'Shea $50.00
Charles Palmore $75.00
Tara Palmore $100.00
Jeb Pope $45.00
Jane Rachner $40.00
Kimi Reynolds $45.00
John Rooney $0.00
Christopher Shain $140.00
Jackson Shain $20.00
Kate Shan $40.00
Susan Shurtleff $100.00
Valerie Vanderborght $100.00
Alison Watts $40.00
Mark Watts $140.00
Anne Welsh $250.00
Carol Welsh $2,990.00
Brad Westley $40.00
Jennifer Wetzel $40.00
Mier Wolf $50.00
Team Gifts $2,550.00
Denotes a Team Captain


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