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Sunday May 4, 2014     Freedom Plaza, Washington, DC
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Race for Hope - DC

Team DC

Welcome to Team DC......

For the last six years, Team DC has honored two brain tumor fighters, Drew Yanishak and Colin Messerle.  This is how we decided on the clever name: Team DC.  

Drew was diagnosed when he was 32 years old and lost his battle on February 21 of this year.  Drew leaves behind his wife and two daughters ages 5 and 8.  

Colin was 3.5 years old when he was diagnosed with a Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma. He had a successful craniotomy to remove the tumor and has had clear MRI's since the surgery.  

Drew fought bravely and we hope you will help us honor him by continuing the fight.  He will be looking down on us from heaven proud to see that Team DC is still going strong!

The Race for Hope - DC presented by Cassidy Turley raises funds to support innovative research initiatives and provide information for brain tumor patients and their families. This amazing event relies on the dedication and enthusiasm of individuals, families, teams, volunteers, sponsors and donors. Thank you for your support in helping us find a cure for brain tumors!

Team DC Raised
Charity Yanishak $6,091.00
Colin Messerle $2,195.00
Bradley Anderson $20.00
Jason Anderson $40.00
Matt Anderson $4,040.00
Tish Anderson $40.00
Ryan Beible $40.00
Brian Bushick $45.00
Geraldine Bushick $40.00
Jill Camp $40.00
Jack Campbell $100.00
Kathy Campbell $100.00
Mary Campbell $20.00
Murray Campbell $40.00
Patrick Campbell $40.00
Simon Campbell $40.00
Delaney Childs $40.00
Kenneth Childs $40.00
Owen Childs $40.00
Tara Childs $90.00
Callan Cotton $20.00
Delaney Cotton $40.00
Jodi Cotton $40.00
Mackenzie Cotton $40.00
Kristen Dallhoff $330.00
Harry Daniell $215.00
Janna Delaney $40.00
Alex DeStephanis $40.00
Greg DeStephanis $40.00
Kara DeStephanis $40.00
Tori DeStephanis $40.00
Debra Dobson $40.00
Michael Dobson $85.00
Ashley Egan $40.00
Chris Egan $40.00
Katelyn Egan $40.00
Kirstyn Egan $40.00
Annabella Faudale $40.00
Joseph Faudale $40.00
Lori Faudale $90.00
Carrie Favaro $65.00
Jacob Favaro $40.00
Michelle Fees $40.00
Kate Foster $240.00
Kat French $90.00
Robin Kampf $640.00
Ross Karnes $40.00
Brett Klein $20.00
Jeff Klein $115.00
Lisa Klein $150.00
Samantha Klein $20.00
Anna Mahaney $90.00
Joseph Mahaney $40.00
Katherine Mahaney $20.00
Sarah Mahaney $20.00
Jennifer Maitland $90.00
doug mays $40.00
Joy Mays $40.00
Alexander McGee $20.00
Monica McGee $140.00
Annabel Messerle $40.00
Eva Messerle $20.00
Jill Messerle $40.00
Sharon Messerle $65.00
William Messerle $455.00
William Messerle $130.00
Sarah Morrison $125.00
Scott Morrison $40.00
Bruce Moyer $100.00
James Murnane $40.00
Alexandria Myles-Bushick $40.00
Audra and Chad O'Neil $700.00
Chad O'Neil $40.00
Connor Oneil $20.00
Matthew Oneil $20.00
Jerry Ricciardi $45.00
Jeff Sant $340.00
Kelley Schmidt $40.00
Mackenzie Schmidt $540.00
Sanjay Shah $515.00
Isla Siciliano $20.00
Liz Siciliano $40.00
Lucy Siciliano $20.00
Seth Siciliano $40.00
Karen Silhol $45.00
Nick Sowan $130.00
Tommy Taylor $40.00
Joey Truda $40.00
Mina Truda $40.00
Jennifer Vollmer $40.00
John Vollmer $40.00
Alex Wintsch $20.00
Katherine Wintsch $40.00
Andrew Yanishak $40.00
Claire Yanishak $235.00
Emma Yanishak $2,630.00
Virginia Yanishak $40.00
Aiden Young $40.00
Evan Young $20.00
Heather Young $40.00
Michael Young $40.00
Team Gifts $10,154.00
Denotes a Team Captain


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