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Sunday May 4, 2014     Freedom Plaza, Washington, DC
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Thinking of Theo

Hello, Team Theo supporters!!  We’re beyond thrilled to be participating in the Race for Hope in honor of our little hero for the second time.  Theo’s team last year couldn’t have been any better, but it can certainly get bigger if you’d like to join us for the first time!  I know I’m his mom, so this may have been more profound for me than others, but walking Theo through with all the other survivors was incredibly emotional and watching him cross that finish-line was absolutely indescribable.  Those few minutes alone will be totally worth it…I promise.

Many people know Theo’s story, but I think it’s easy to lose track of time, so here’s just a hint of it:  In Aug 2011, Theo was diagnosed with medulloblastoma just after his first birthday.  Much of the tumor was removed right away and he underwent several more minor (yet still scary as all getout!) procedures and chemo through Feb 2012.  He has had routine MRIs (about every 3 months) since then, and they have been STABLE!  We have celebrated many milestones and continue to look forward to a very bright future for Theo.  He’s now 3 ½ and doing wonderfully.  He’s sweet and funny as can be, cute as a button, smarter than me, for sure, and that laugh….oh, that laugh!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.  Whether you’re just checking out our team because you’re curious, you’re making a donation, or joining us for the walk…your thoughts, support, love, and good juju are appreciated more than you know.  Go, Team Theo!!!


Thinking of Theo Raised
Lori Stephen $90.00
Dawn Ayres $40.00
Barbara Bond $40.00
Richard Bond $40.00
Toni Brooks $40.00
Linda Bryan $50.00
Tara Buecker $40.00
Buffie Burton $40.00
Janine Delahanty $40.00
Kelly Dilworth $40.00
Chris Fendryk $40.00
Jessica Fendryk $40.00
Richard Fendryk $40.00
Amanda Fisher $40.00
Steven Fisher $40.00
Tim Flottemesch $40.00
Salvatore Gaetani $90.00
Yeah THEO!!! Gaetani $65.00
Butch German $40.00
Anderson Julian $40.00
Molly Julian $60.00
Robert Levy $40.00
Finna McGuire $20.00
Keira McGuire $40.00
Tim McGuire $40.00
Nicole Meadows $40.00
emily miller $40.00
Douglas Naumann $40.00
Holly Naumann $40.00
Kelly Naumann $40.00
Paige Naumann $40.00
Aaron Nowak $40.00
Cathy Panos $140.00
Chris Panos $40.00
Emerson Panos $20.00
Marianne Panos $40.00
Nick Panos $140.00
H petty $40.00
shana petty $40.00
Jeffrey Potter $315.00
Luianne Potter $290.00
David Ratajczak $40.00
Lisa Ratajczak $110.00
Kate Smith $80.00
Melissa Smith $40.00
Patricia Smith $40.00
Stephanie Stefanoni $40.00
Adara Stephen $20.00
Beth Stephen $40.00
Eli Stephen $20.00
Mark Stephen $80.00
Ted Stephen $140.00
Theo Stephen $150.00
Larry Vencill $40.00
Team Gifts $3,020.74
Denotes a Team Captain


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