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Sunday May 4, 2014     Freedom Plaza, Washington, DC
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Sean's Sidekicks

Hi friends!  Last year when Sean's friend Betsy and her mom Cara launched Sean's Sidekicks to support Sean, he had just been diagnosed with medulloblastoma.  Here we are a year later, and Sean is looking forward to finishing treatment in May.  In fact, barring further delays, Sean will have his last treatment on May 2, his 14th birthday!  

This year's Race for Hope on Sunday, May 4th will be a big milestone for Sean and all of us who care about him.  He has endured a long year with 6 weeks of radiation in Philadelphia, followed by 9 scheduled cyles of chemotherapy at Children's National Medical Center in Washington, along with  many tests and doctor appointments along the way.  

We are grateful and fortunate that Sean has tolerated his treatment so well, and his MRIs have remained clear.  He's been a pretty typical 8th grader at Lakelands Park Middle School - though the only one who gets to wear a hat in school!  But many brain tumor patients are not so fortunate and we look forward to being part of the mission to raise funds to help find better treatments for, and cures for all brain tumors.

Please join us at this year's Race For Hope DC as we celebrate Sean's milestones, and raise money to ensure milestones for all brain tumor patients.  If you cannot join us, we hope you will please consider making a donation to Sean's Sidekicks.  We also invite you to follow Sean's progress on his Caring Bridge page:

Sean's Sidekicks Raised
Jennifer Quinn $140.00
AlexSZ $40.00
Jamie Anderson $40.00
Kasey Anderson $40.00
Kristine Anderson $40.00
Todd Anderson $40.00
Aiden Artino $20.00
Isabella Artino $40.00
Jack Artino $145.00
Teri Artino $40.00
Tony Artino $40.00
Tre Artino $40.00
Alex Austria $20.00
Karen Austria $40.00
Madeline Austria $40.00
Matthew Austria $40.00
Olivia Austria $40.00
Amy Baena $40.00
Jane Birnn $60.00
Jeff Birnn $40.00
Chelsea Burcksen $661.00
Denise Burcksen $40.00
Rene Burcksen $40.00
Aidan Clark $40.00
Denise Clark $40.00
Phoebe Clark $40.00
Timothy Clark $40.00
Kathleen Connor $55.00
Calvin Courbois $40.00
Caroline Courbois $40.00
Claude Courbois $40.00
Judy Courbois $40.00
Elizabeth Cove $55.00
Michele Cove $40.00
Pete Cove $40.00
Stephen Cove $40.00
Tom Cove $55.00
Daniel Dunda $40.00
Kathryn Dunda $40.00
Matthew Dunda $40.00
Sharon Dunda $40.00
Todd Dunda $40.00
Christy Froehlich $40.00
Faith Froehlich $40.00
Josie Froehlich $40.00
Paul Froehlich $40.00
Charles Glinka $150.00
Courtney Haberman $540.00
Jerry Haberman $45.00
Mila Haberman $40.00
Nicole Haberman $45.00
Laura Hansen $40.00
Lindsey Heath $40.00
Christopher Hunter $40.00
Dayna Ingrassia $40.00
Jackie Ingrassia $40.00
John Ingrassia $40.00
Katie Ingrassia $20.00
Lexi Ingrassia $20.00
Luke Ingrassia $40.00
Sydney Ingrassia $40.00
Paul Jacobson $45.00
Art Johnson $40.00
Arthur Johnson $40.00
Elizabeth Johnson $40.00
Marcia Johnson $40.00
Meredith Johnson $40.00
Paige Johnson $40.00
Ryan Johnson $40.00
Amy Kardash $75.00
Davis Kessler $45.00
Heidi Kessler $40.00
Ian kessler $45.00
Quinn Kessler $40.00
Erin Lanham $40.00
Alicia Marsh $40.00
Bryce McFadden $20.00
Emily McFadden $40.00
Jason McFadden $45.00
John McFadden $40.00
Kyle McFadden $40.00
Sooky McFadden $40.00
Heather Nicholson $40.00
Betsy O'Connor $40.00
Cara OConnor $40.00
Danny OConnor $40.00
Shaun OConnor $40.00
Mary Piccone $140.00
Connor Quinn $40.00
Ethan Quinn $40.00
Mike Quinn $40.00
Peter Quinn $40.00
Peter Quinn $100.00
Sean Quinn $765.00
Fred Reynolds $190.00
Brett Siders $40.00
Christopher Thoms $50.00
Grace Toolan $90.00
Mary Toolan $40.00
Peter Toolan $40.00
Paul Zeineddin $40.00
Pierre Zeineddin $40.00
Sebastien Zeineddin $40.00
Team Gifts $2,379.00
Denotes a Team Captain


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