2017 Race for Hope - DC

Thank you from Clint & Val
Thank you from Clint & Val

Invictus Maneo

"I Remain Unvanquished"


The Race for Hope in Washington, DC raises funds to support innovative research initiatives and provide information for brain tumor patients and their families through the National Brain Tumor Society. This event takes place on May 7 this year and relies on the dedication and enthusiasm of individuals, families, teams, volunteers, sponsors and donors. Team Invictus Maneo will run for the first time in 2017. We welcome you to join us in Washington or donate online as you are able.

Our family has been impacted twice by brain cancer. Our beloved cousin in Barcelona, Mar Cabre, battled medulloblastoma for 8 years, and then passed away in 2011 at the age of 27. In June 2016, our family was hit again, this time in the United States and by low-grade astrocytoma. In both cases there was no family history of brain cancer; nor any warning signs. For brain cancer to strike in two separate bloodlines of a family, on two continents, spontaneously and without warning, is inexplicable and terrible luck and we hope that other families do not have to live through a similar experience.   

Therefore, we decided to begin a fundraising campaign as part of the Race for Hope so we could fight back and help to hasten discovery and ultimately find a cure for this group of diseases for which new treatments lag behind other types of cancer.  

Thank you for your support in helping us find a cure for brain tumors!

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