2017 Race for Hope - DC

Mike Coda's Little Tigers

From my point of view, we're living in tumultuous times. More than ever, it's important to remember all the good people continuing to do good work. That cadre of good people includes everyone who helps the annual Race for Hope succeed: organizers, volunteers, participants, and donors. 

Mike ran the race twice before the "Little Tigers" came together as a team in 2004. The race that year was Mike's last run. His health was failing, but he couldn't have been happier when his Princeton High School/Little Tiger friends surprised him at the starting line. That was a wonderful day in an otherwise bleak year.

In the years since then, the event has continued to raise my spirits. I'm so grateful for the continued support of Mike's and my communities. Obviously, we all wish there was a cure for brain cancer and no need for the race at all. But in the meantime, our team's contributions make me proud and give me hope. And, hey, that's what it's all about, right? There is hope! 

So. It's that time again! The 2017 Race for Hope will be Sunday, May 7. Please join Mike Coda's Little Tigers, support the cause, and--as I always suggest--tell someone a story about Mike.

Thank you.


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