2017 Race for Hope - DC

2016 Pat Plus Team
2016 Pat Plus Team

Team Pat Plus

Please join with me and my friends from Chesapeake Community Advisors on May 7 in Washington, DC as we walk/run in honor of my sister Pat and all others we know and love who are currently battling brain tumors.

My sister, Pat, was found to have a large olfactory meningioma in July of 2015.  She had surgery then had a second surgery in March of this year.  It has been a long journey for her but her tumor was benign and her prognosis is very good.

Many others, however, suffer more diffcult situations than Pat and so we want to join the DC Walk for Hope together to support the amazing research that is happening in this field.

Come out on May 7 and support the entire Brain Tumor community or if you can't make the event consider either making a donation or taking a walk in honor of those struggling with this disease.  Every dollar helps move us a step closer to controlling or eradicating all types of brain tumors by helping fund clinical trials and basic research.




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