2017 Race for Hope - DC


Team Terrific Tammy

On the 24th of October, 2014, our dear friend Tammy went home to be with the Lord. Although she is gone, her legacy continues to fill our hearts and lives - with compassion, warmth, love, thoughtfulness and perseverance.

A couple of years ago, Tammy mentioned that she really wanted to participate in a race. So after a little research and finding the Race for Hope, we gathered about 25 family members and friends to participate in the walk. On the day of the walk, Tammy had been sick from her chemo treatments, and was in her wheelchair. None of us thought she would be able to get up and walk. But when that gun went off at the beginning of the race, she took off like a speeding bullet. In fact, none of us could keep up with her, including whomever had her wheelchair. She crossed that finish line with more passion, more grace and more perseverance than any athlete we've ever known.

Although she is gone, her spirit lives on within us. We would love to gather as many friends and family as possible on Sunday, May 7th, to remember and honor her legacy, as well as support so many others fighting the same battle. Would you kindly join us?

Unable to participate in the walk?

Please consider donating to help fund brain cancer research efforts. Every penny donated helps fund research efforts like this one to eradicate this terrible disease.

Tammy's Story:

In February 2013, Tammy came down with the flu. She couldn't get out of bed for several days, and had a severe headache. When she was finally able to make it to the Dr. to get checked out, she was quickly diagnosed with stage IV glioblastoma brain cancer. She endured two brain surgeries over twelve months, along with countless rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. Tammy fought hard until the end. She is the true definition of a hero - full of compassion, thoughtfulness, perseverance and LOVE.

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