2018 Race For Hope - DC

Pink BRAiniacs

The Pink BRAiniacs team was formed thanks to serendipity. Our team, comprised of 18 women, has been together since 2008 as the Pink Bragade - walking 39 miles every other year to benefit breast cancer. This year, with plans to walk again in Washington DC to benefit the Avon Foundation, our team was shocked to learn that the event was being cancelled. However, no sooner had we learned that the breast cancer walk was cancelled did we learn that the same weekend would be the Race for Hope - DC. And the cause is one that means a great deal to us, as one of our Pink Bragade family is fighting a glioblastoma with all his might, as is a young friend of many of our walkers. So this cause has become of vital importance to us and we are learning of more and more cases of brain tumors among our families and friends. We hope to raise funds as well as awareness, as we learn more about research and progress in fighting this type of cancer. 

After raising well over $150,000 to fight breast cancer, we are lacing up our shoes to walk for finding a cure and better treatment for brain tumors. We hope we can make a difference and pledge to do our best to raise funds that may eventually help lead to a cure for all cancers. 

Please support us in our efforts by sponsoring our new team - the Pink BRAiniacs (we couldn't resist the tie in to our past.)


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