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Cindy's Crew Team for 2018

Hello All,

Thanks for visiting the website for Cindy's Crew and the Race for Hope. This will be the 14th year that we will run/walk the race. We are excited to once again participate in the race where the funds go toward helping to find a cure for brain tumors.

This is my journey as a brain tumor suvivor. I first discovered that I had a inoperable brain tumor (Astrocytoma, Grade II) in December of 2004. I went through six weeks of both radiation and Temador in the Spring of 2005. Fortunately, these treatments helped to make my tumor a little smaller. In May 2012, we found that the tumor had started to grow again. The biopsy revealed that the tumor was still a grade II. Once again, I was put on Temador which after seven cycles was stopped due to my low white blood cell count. Fortunately, the Temador helped stop the growth again.

In February 2016, my MRI showed once again that my tumor had started to grow. I was once again put back on Temador. In May of 2016, my MRI showed continued growth. At that time I was taken off of Temador and put on both Avastin and CCNU. In May of 2017, I was taken off of CCNU and put on procarbozine while continuing Avastin. My treatments were stopped in November 2017 due to side effects from these chemo treatments. In January of 2018, my MRI showed once again that the tumor was continuing to grow. I am once again back on Avastin and procarbozine until my next MRI in early March.

I continue to fight this incrediable presistent disease, and all the side effects associated with brain cancer. This race has always given me the hope that there are treatments on the horizon that will help me and others battling this terrible disease.

If you are interested in joining our team it would be wonderful! You do not have to run. You can walk. It is 3.1 miles, and it is a beautiful course. If running or walking do not appeal to you and you still want to help, please consider a financial donation. Any little bit helps!

Thank you!

Cindy "Cindy's Crew"

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