2018 Race For Hope - DC


Thank you so much for checking my page out! If you are reading this, it means you have an interest in helping with this important cause. You may or may not know this, but I am a two time brain tumor survivor. In November 2010 and again in November 2013, I had brain surgery to remove a large brain tumor. The tumor was not supposed to ever re-grow but within 3 years they discovered it had re-grown which resulted in my second brain surgery. So as you can imagine, November is not my month.

My first tumor took three and a half years to diagnose. During those three and a half years I was put through test after test and kept becoming more and more ill. Through all of those tests, they never checked the brain. Symptoms suddenly changed and it was thought I was having a stroke. This lead to a scan of the brain and the discovery of the first brain tumor. Not something anyone ever imagines they will hear. A brain tumor was always something that was joked about in movies not something I would be facing. So in September 2010, I was told I had a brain tumor. Within two weeks I was loosing the ability to walk, sit up properly and even hold utensils to feed myself. Surgery was moved up very quickly. I thought after the first surgery I would re-cover and move on. Well, life had a different plan for me. I was never 100% after surgery. MRI's, bloodwork, appointments became a constant part of my life which lead to the discovery of the re-growth of another brain tumor. The second brain surgery had many challenges. I ended up with a brain fluid leak which was something doctors had discussed as one of those rare things that could happen. It happened..... and it was awful. I ended up back in ICU with a spinal drain tube, missed Thanksgiving with my family and was completely misreable. But I overcame it, and started becoming stronger.

Each day I move forward. For the rest of my life I will have tests, but I keep moving forward.

This event is such an important event to me. I have participated each year since my first surgery and I will continue to particpate.

This event is for those fighting their fight, for those who have lost their fight and to help those who will have this fight in the future. Money raised goes to brain tumor research. Both of my surgeries consisted of new technology and techniques. Without this research money things could have gone very differently for me and for many others.

Please support this event.

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