2018 Race For Hope - DC

Basehoar's Brainiacs & Maine-iacs!


ON-LINE Registration has ended.  You may register for Race For Hope DC on race day this Sunday, May 6th beginning at 8am!


Around this time each year, I get a little emotional because it was on January 30th, 2009 when terms like lesion, brain tumor, Glioblastoma, brain surgery (2x), radiation (30 days), chemo (21 months) and clinical trials (4x) rocked our world. Just like that, in an instant, life changed for Rich and me. We were not alone of course. Nearly 80,000 people will be diagnosed THIS year and almost 17,000 will die from stinkin’ brain cancer. Looking back, we were among the lucky ones (oh, let’s face it, luck had nothing to do with it, we were truly blessed) because Rich survived for 21 months (the average life expectancy is 14 months) and despite 2 brain surgeries, we had our Richie, with his mind in tact, “a beautiful mind” at that, until the day he died.

As the 2018 Race For Hope DC approaches, I am blown away by all of you who have supported Basehoar’s Brainiacs & Maine~iacs! since our very first walk back in 2010 when Richie was with us and we watched as he so proudly yet, so humbly crossed the finish line on that beautiful spring day in our nation’s capital. We all had such hope didn’t we, that Rich would be the guy who would beat this stinkin’ brain cancer . . . and try as he did, we know that this was not to be. Since our first race, we have raised $130,270.77 in Rich’s memory to fund research that we HOPE will ultimately find a cure . . .

Please join our team, BASEHOAR’S BRAINIACS AND MAINE~IACS! on Sunday, May 6th at RACE FOR HOPE DC. We would be so honored to have you walk with us on RACE DAY!  If you cannot be there in person but can make a donation to our cause, we would be most grateful.

With thanks and all our love,

“B” & Li’l Miss Nittany of Log Trail Way

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