2018 Race For Hope - DC

Dan's Fans

Come Walk with us on Sunday, May 6th  in Dan's memory and to help find a cure for brain tumors


This will be the 14th year in a row that we have walked in honor and memory of Dan.  Our team alone has raised over $26,000!  Although much research has been done since his death, the median survival rate is abysmal at 14.6 months with only one third of those affected surviving 2 years, often with significant deficits.  Most of the advances in the type of tumor Dan had, a glioblastoma, is in determining a more favorable prognosis, usually measured in months.  I was hoping these numbers would have improved this year but, unfortunately, they haven't.  Researchers are learning more about the tumor and treatment but it hasn't resulted in a significant breakthrough yet.  Each year we walk we not only to honor Dan's memory but also to improve those numbers and walk one step closer toward a cure.  We are getting there but, unfortunately, it takes time.
Thank you to friends and family for all your support over the years.  It always amazes me to see so many faces year after year after year.   It would have meant a lot to Dan to know you all are here for our family, and it certainly is very important for us.
Stacy, Rachael and Becca



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