2018 Race For Hope - DC

Tommy's Tumor Terminators

Please support me, my family, and friends in the fight against brain cancer.  The Race for Hope is very dear to my heart.  Our team name, Tommy's Tumor Terminators, is in memory of my uncle, Thomas Mount, who passed away from brain cancer 7 years ago. Tommy actually walked in the survivor walk a year before he passed. Watching him walk proudly as everyone cheered him on was one of the most memorable moments of my life. Every year that I attend this race, I think back to that very moment, and a smile comes to my face.


 More so than any other cancer, a brain tumor can have life-altering psychological, cognitive, behavioral, and physical effects. They are also the leading cause of cancer related deaths amongst children under the age of 10.


By donating money to the Race for Hope, you are supporting the National Brain Tumor Society. As a leader in the fight against brain tumors, NBTS have developed strategic initiatives and funded programs to improve an understanding of  brain tumors. These initiatives are as follows:


Defeat Gioblastoma Research Collaborative- this strategic research initiative aims to double the five-year survival rate of Gioblastoma patients within the next five years! Gioblastoma is the brain Tumor that is the deadliest, most reoccuring, and the type of tumor that took my Uncle Tommys life.


Oligodendroglioma Research Fund- this program aims to better understand the origins of growth for oligodendrogliomas, and apply these findings to the development of new treatments. This is a great step forward due to the fact that not much is currently known about this type of brain tumor.


Pediatric Research Grant Initiative- This program analyzes the development of a childs brain to identify therapies which could be effective and minimize, long-term side effects for pediatric brain tumor patients.



Money donated also goes toward Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure (ABC)2.  ABC2 was founded by Dan Case and his brother Steve Case. In 2001, Dan Case was diagnosed with brain cancer. He was so frustrated with the lack of information and the limited treatment options, that he founded this non-profit organization that partners with leading scientists and researchers to find a cure for brain cancer. ABC2 is focused on advancing precision medicine, developing new therapies to treat brain tumors that are less invasive on children and will double the life expectancy of patients with brain tumors, researching pediatric brain tumors, and low grade brain tumor research.


Every dollar donated is a step forward in the fight for a cure to end brain cancer.


Thank you for taking the time to read my page and all donations are greatly appreciated. <3

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