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Most of you are familiar with my story by now, but for those of you who aren't, here it is:

On Saturday morning, October 18, 1997, my first symptom presented. I experienced a strange, tingling sensation in my mouth. The sensation went away after a minute or so, but not knowing what caused the sensation, or even what the sensation was, created a lot of anxiety. (I had experienced a focal seizure.)

The next day, I had a gran-mal seizure. After the CAT scans, EEGs and MRIs, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor in my left temporal region.

In January of 1998, Dr. Anthony Caputy, of George Washington University (GWU) Hospital, successfully removed a benign (Grade II) Astrocytoma tumor, and although it took a couple of years, my recovery was complete. I went back to work and led the same active lifestyle as before.

In July 2002, a routine check up revealed the tumor had returned. This time, Dr. Caputy successfully removed a malignant (Grade III) Anaplastic Astrocytoma tumor.

After the 2nd surgery, I underwent six weeks of whole-brain radiation, and nine months of chemotherapy (Temodar). Since December of 2003, all MRIs and PET scans have not revealed any signs of either a recurrent or residual tumor.

Although the 2nd surgery was clinically successful, I now suffer from aphasia and weakness on the right side of my body. I underwent occupational, physical and speech therapy, and once the therapy sessions concluded, I have continued to work out on my own.

My on-going battle with this relentless disease will never end until a cure is found. Please help me in my pursuit to raise money for the Brain Tumor Society and the Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure, so that research can someday find a cure.

Thank you.

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