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Race for Hope Philadelphia

Team Ken Cloud

The Race for Hope helps fund brain cancer rersearch. As many know, my brother Kenny left us December 12, 2007 after a lengthy battle with brain cancer at the age of 35. 


As I think , "What was I doing at age 35?", I think of playing outside with my kids, searching for family friendly events to go to, making sure the kids are ready for their day, and celebrating special events. Unfortunately Ken didn't get to do that, leaving behind 4 young kids; his struggles were on a whole different level.  From scans to surgeries as well as attempting to learn how to walk and talk again. This cancer robbed not only Ken, but his family.  The gritty details aren't important, but the fact is, their are so many who have faced this battle, the phrase "Life isn't fair" doesn't do their struggle justice.  Any donation you can give is more appreciated than you realize as it goes towards not just finding cures and medicines, but making life better for all those effected.





Thank you!



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