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Gary's Glioblasters

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This is what I think Gary would say to you if he could:

Hello, I am Gary Steven Cox. I died on August 12, 2012 in Reston Hospital. I died of brain cancer and I have no idea how I got this monster. It took over my brain and I couldn't fight anymore. I had such a strong desire to join the forces that are fighting this disease but I never had the good day they promised me. Please consider joining the team my wife put together to raise money. I would be so honored and grateful.

I know there is a cure out there and  I want to thank you for all your prayers, support and efforts. Gary                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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 About the Race:

The Race for Hope - DC presented by Cassidy Turley raises funds to support innovative research initiatives and provide information for brain tumor patients and their families. This amazing event relies on the dedication and enthusiasm of individuals, families, teams, volunteers, sponsors and donors. Thank you for your support in helping us find a cure for brain tumors!

This is Gary's Story:

It was December 20th, 2011, my birthday. My husband of 24 years (then) woke me up at 5:30 am and felt so sick. He said he couldn't get up and help get our daughter to school and I should take care of it. He went back to bed. Later that morning I checked in on him. He didn't know it was my birthday and couldn't really say what it was about him that made him feel so sick. He slept and slept and was so weak.  The day went on and every time I asked him what he was feeling the story changed. He had no other real symptoms. I tried to feed him and provide liquids but he didn't want much. Two days later his memory was still not right and now he was even making up stories. He was also having a weird 'electrical' feeling running through his body from his torso up through his head. This lasted about 30 seconds each time. By day 3 I made him go to the doctor. I was suspecting dehydration because he spent so much time deep asleep.

We went to his doctor who sent him to ER on arrival. So many tests. Nothing found. Even a CAT scan revealed nothing. He was admitted so he could get an MRI. It was December 23rd. The MRI revealed just these smoky fuzzy looking things on both sides of his temporal lobes AND one small bean like thing in the middle of the brain. No neurosurgeon was brought in. It was Christmas. Only a neurologist who thought the bean like thing was a collide cyst. He said we should check again in 3 months and that bean like thing was not in an area that would account for the symptoms Gary was having. Since there was no MRI to compare he said "We treat the patient, not the picture". They gave him fluids, anti-biotics and anti-virals and he was getting better. We quizzed him every hour or so. He knew my birthday and other dates. He seemed better. We never got a diagnosis. Gary was too terrified to get another opinion. He wanted to wait the 3 months. He was sent home and told he had something viral and that he will be tired a while. He went back to work as a home inspector. He was wiped out. He pressed on in search of normal, which was never to be obtained again.

He continued having those weird electrical feelings. His own doctor sent him for a stress test. Does that sound like anxiety to you? Someone saying they feel an "electrical" sensation? What an idiot. There are a lot of idiot doctors.

6 weeks after he was released from the hospital he had a grand mal seizure at a home inspection on someone's deck. His co-worker held him in his arms as he lost consciousness. He saved him that day, but really it was the beginning of the end.

It was 2:10 pm on February 17th, 2012 and I got a call from Gary's co-worker. Candice, stay calm but come right now to Reston Hospital. He said Gary was unconscious and had had a seizure. I got there and he only had a small amount of blood on his head. He was coming too but he was clearly still somewhere else. The terror of seeing my husband in such a state and not know me or be able to communicate with me was...well there are no words.


Gary was admitted and another MRI taken. Can you believe there were 4 well-formed circles in his brain? The hospitalist assigned a neurosurgeons, neurologist, and infectious disease doctors to his case. For 2 ½ weeks these idiots treated him for brain abscesses. I am not even kidding. Even though he had the electrical episodes since day one they still did not press for a biopsy. They even said if it was a tumor it would be a kind they could take care of easily. Finally, as they were about to release him with high dose antibiotics for 6 weeks at home, one of these geniuses suggested another MRI to see if the antibiotics they doused him with were working. The tumors had advanced in only a week. It was clear we needed a biopsy, which they continually deferred to me to decide upon. What a bunch of wimps. I didn't go to med school, they did. I needed them to tell me a biopsy was needed when they first thought about the word tumor.

The sad thing is that; let's say we had a biopsy way back in December, well with GBM it wouldn't matter. "Pepper on the brain" is what we were told.

On March 7, 2012 my strong husband was told he had 3-4 months to live without treatment and 12-18 with. He fought for 5 months with treatment and died in August.

Here is what I know:

  1. We were never asked about his lifestyle or environmental risks.
  2. We were never told how this happened
  3. At every doctor visit the doctor treated the immediate concerns and was never honest about the progression of the disease
  4. I was blind sighted in regards to how the disease progresses and how to prepare.
  5. I had no idea Gary was as close to death as he was in his last week because I was unprepared. No matter how I tried to stay ahead of it I couldn't
  6. The best places for information were the community site and hospice.
  7. The clinical trials sound so wonderful but it felt like a brick wall trying to get access to them, so really for GBM 4 there is nothing but poison, radiation to the BRAIN and steroids that will waste your muscles and put on weight so you can't even function without help, losing dignity and lost hope.
  8. There MUST be something better SOON.



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Team Theme Song: 'I WON'T BACK DOWN'


Gary's Glioblasters Raised
Candice Cox $160.00
Michelle Boulay $45.00
Crystal Boyd $40.00
Katie Cox $50.00
Monica Cummings $40.00
Eric Ernst $40.00
Gina Gallagher $100.00
Chelle Gassan $100.00
Aaron Gearhart $40.00
Grace Gearhart $40.00
John Gearhart $45.00
Lanay Gearhart $45.00
Virginia Jackson $95.00
Christine Kropp $40.00
Rachel Kropp $40.00
Richard Kropp $45.00
Zachary Kropp $45.00
Cassidy McDannell $40.00
Tammy Mcdannell $45.00
Candace Moe $40.00
Jennifer Muccigrosso $40.00
Alyson Olmstead $150.00
Amanda Olmstead $40.00
Bill Olmstead $40.00
Pamela Olmstead $200.00
Zach Olmstead $40.00
Donna Papp $190.00
Justin Papp $40.00
Lauren Papp $40.00
Tim Papp $40.00
Jo Ann Polen $50.00
Kik Poon $40.00
Dan Rainer $45.00
Dana Rainer $40.00
Marla Schwartz $40.00
Kathy Segal $100.00
Erika Struble $240.00
Kent Struble $40.00
Team Gifts $3,487.55
Denotes a Team Captain


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