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Sunday May 4, 2014     Freedom Plaza, Washington, DC
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Race for Hope - DC

Dr. Bear's Brain Tumor Busters

We are very excited to introduce you to our 2014 Heroes for Hope. These incredible children, teens, siblings and parents motivate us to keep reaching beyond what is possible to develop better treatments, therapies and hopefully cures for pediatric brain tumors.


Carina Gibbs

Hero for Hope 2014

My name is Carina, and I’m 13 years old. I fainted in math class on April 30, 2013 and the doctors in the local emergency room discovered I had a brain tumor. Before that, I used to get headaches and would sometimes see spots but didn’t think anything of it. They say I’m lucky that the doctors found the tumor early.

I had brain surgery in June of 2013 so the doctors would know what kind of tumor it is and how to treat it. In August 2013 I started to receive chemo treatments at Children's National. I had to go every week and that wasn't fun. I would sometimes get sick and my hair got thin.  I also had to get a lot of MRI's and eye tests. I missed over 42 days of school so far, but my teachers have been really nice and let me make up the work so I can maintain good grades.

I recently was taken off of the chemo, after my 30th treatment, because it was not working. Luckily, there is a new pill form of medicine that may be able to help. I hope to receive my first dose tomorrow! I’m grateful that new treatment options are coming available that work better.

From all this, I’ve learned how to be patient with results and mistakes and how lucky I was before, when the hospital didn't seem like a second home to me. I love playing soccer for the LaPlata Fusion; it helps keep me distracted from my chemo experience. I did a fundraiser at my school to help out the P.I.C.U. unit at Children's National so they could provide toys to the kids who have to stay there. 

Dr. Bear's Brain Tumor Busters Raised
Sarah Sadid $40.00
Tracy Church $45.00
Kat AUER $40.00
Alemayehu Belay $45.00
Lincoln Bisbee $40.00
Diane Brown $45.00
Felicia Cook $40.00
Peter Cook $45.00
Faith Crozier $40.00
Brock Dahl $1,062.00
Heather Dorsey $295.00
Pamela Ennis $140.00
Amy Garber $45.00
Lauren Hancock $90.00
Marianne Hogan $295.00
Bart Hosick $40.00
Darryl Kinnear $40.00
Adam Klein $50.00
Kayla Klein $40.00
Rosalind Klein $40.00
Tracy Klein $40.00
Ian Kraft $45.00
Nancy Kraft $40.00
Maryann Lacheman $75.00
Susan Lacheman $240.00
Christina Lago $45.00
Kia Lee-Tidball $45.00
Abby Memmott $540.00
Gina Memmott $540.00
Scott Memmott $36,449.11
Spencer Micali $45.00
Becky Osowski $210.00
Mark Osowski $40.00
Spencer Philps $0.00
Eliott Ponte $45.00
Celia Roady $145.00
Marla Rosen $580.00
Talia Rosen $45.00
Andrew Sakallaris $45.00
Krista Sakallaris $45.00
Annie Selby $40.00
Jack Selby $40.00
Laurie Selby $40.00
Lorin Selby $40.00
Charlotte Smith $65.00
Ian Smith $45.00
Jason Smith $45.00
Suzanne Smith $45.00
Justin Szczerbinski $200.00
Pamela Tsang $40.00
Joseph Vorbach $110.00
Ellen Walsh $50.00
Solomon Woods $240.00
Bella Young $40.00
Howard Young $340.00
Karthikeyan Yuvaraj $45.00
Team Gifts $700.00
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