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Team Sophie Bear

Sophia Posner-Brown is 7 years old and enjoying first grade. She loves singing, dancing, acting, painting, Taylor Swift, playing hopscotch, and anything that involves her twin sister Isabelle. Her family and friends call her Sophie Bear.  To learn more about Sophie, watch this moving YouTube video. 
Sophie was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 2.  She is currently in a phase-one clinical trial (phase one means scientists are still investigating if the drug is safe and if it works).  It is an oral chemo but does require frequent blood work and hospital visits.  Because the drug is a chemotherapy agent, Sophie is immuno-compromised and therefore gets sick a lot because her body can't fight off other infections.

While she does still have some "active” tumor spots in various parts of the brain (unfortunately her tumor spread to other parts - most brain tumors do not) the big tumor is pretty much inactive on the MRI. From a scientific point of view this is considered a success because of 1) shrinkage in primary large tumor; and 2) stability in smaller tumor "spots.”

The drug is of course not without side effects, both known (for example, nausea) and unknown (how this agent will change her cell development in the long term).  The next question is what to expect when Sophie gets off the drug - will the tumor stay small, or once the agent is not in her system, will it grow again. This is the issue to address when the clinical trial is over, at month 24 (October 2014). 

Because the drug is not FDA-approved, Sophie cannot restart the drug once she is off it. The remaining options are traditional intravenous chemotherapy (which is not as effective and very hard on the body) or possibly a different school and routine.  

Sophie's family is tremendously thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this clinical trial, while at the same time understanding the risks involved. We are all hopeful that there will be more pediatric-specific brain tumor trials in the future, and thank you for contributing to this very important cause. 

Thank you all for your love and support and see you at the Race for Hope! 
Team Sophie Bear Raised
Elizabeth Posner $601.00
Sj $100.00
Julie Bell $45.00
Nicole Bleichner $70.00
Diana Block $40.00
Kathryn Boryc Smock $800.00
Steven Brown $6,058.82
Greg Cabana $180.00
W-L CEAC $40.00
Esther Cha $40.00
Amrit Chohan $40.00
Charlotte Colvin $40.00
Corrado Cotumaccio $40.00
Giovanni Cotumaccio $20.00
Maria Creamer $40.00
Matthew Cutts $100.00
Oksana Davidyan $40.00
Susana De La Torre $40.00
Alejandra Duarte $45.00
Daniel Elliot $40.00
Molly Fitzgerald $240.00
Lynne Funk $110.00
Adela Garzon $40.00
Cynthia Green $40.00
Madaleine Hillsberg $45.00
Omar Hopkins $40.00
Sylvia Hopkins $40.00
Caroline Hundley $40.00
Courtney Hundley $40.00
Anne Marie Hvid $50.00
Amy Iger $40.00
Eduardo Inarra $90.00
Pedro Jaramillo $45.00
Asta Kenney $40.00
Christopher Kiehl $40.00
Oliver Kiehl $40.00
Zachary Kiehl $40.00
Margaret Kovach $40.00
Francesca Krevat $40.00
Juliette Krevat $40.00
Seth Krevat $40.00
Anne LaFond $100.00
Kathryn Legomsky $40.00
Barry Long $40.00
Conrad MacKethan $45.00
John MacKethan $45.00
Logan MacKethan $40.00
Natalie MacKethan $40.00
Parker MacKethan $40.00
Michael Mcnulty $40.00
Leeya Mehta $40.00
Stephanie Mullen $240.00
Shanthi Muthiah $100.00
Alexandra Naum $20.00
Elena Naum $40.00
Katherine Naum $40.00
Nicholas Naum $20.00
Sherban Naum $40.00
Nicolas Nemtala $40.00
Prudence Oehling $40.00
Tim Oehling $40.00
Kola Oyediran $40.00
Angela Pace $1,200.00
Crystal Park $40.00
susan park $40.00
Christopher Paskoff $40.00
Hayes Paskoff $20.00
Tracy Paskoff $40.00
David Posner $240.00
Jessica Posner $40.00
Joan Posner $340.00
Kai Posner $20.00
Matthew Posner $100.00
Michael Posner $45.00
Isabelle Posner-Brown $40.00
Sophia Posner-Brown $40.00
Patrick Prömmel $40.00
Daven Ralston $40.00
Anne Reed $40.00
Katie Rincon $40.00
Marisa Rivero $140.00
Jennifer Rudy $40.00
Joseph Ryan $40.00
Mary Ryan $40.00
Lara Saade $40.00
Imad Saleh $45.00
Nour Saleh $40.00
Waleed Saleh $40.00
Teresa Savarino $170.00
Nitya Shekar $40.00
Michael Skena $45.00
Molly Skena $20.00
Naomi Skena $40.00
Seth Tillman $95.00
Marcela Torres $45.00
Lucille Tuggle $20.00
Mae (Armaity) Tuggle $20.00
Ryan Tuggle $40.00
David Wick $40.00
Mieka Wick $40.00
Team Gifts $16,783.75
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