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Sunday May 4, 2014     Freedom Plaza, Washington, DC
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Perkins+Will Team Wood

Many of you were lucky enough to know James personally; many through his family, friends and co-workers.  All given this opportunity to know him are sure of two things; that he was passionate about his family and his career.  In 2013, our second year fighting for James and all of those stricken by brain tumors, the two most important entities in James' life-- his family and his co-workers -- united to show their support for him and their dedication to beat this affliction that has robbed his family and so many other families of their hope, happiness, and future. 

James, at 39, was diagnosed with brain cancer.  He underwent surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and worked hard to overcome many post-surgical obstacles.  After a six month hiatus, he was thrilled to return to work as an architectural planner.  On Easter 2012, two weeks after returning to work as well as coaching one soccer practice for his son's soccer team, he suffered a hemorrhagic stroke, a side-effect of the brain cancer treatments.  This life-threatening stroke was just another obstacle he decided to overcome with his witty sense of humor and positive outlook.  But this setback made it difficult for him to continue to fight the brain tumor at the same pace and with the same vigor as before.  On Saturday, March 9, 2013, at the age of 41, and after seventeen months of a courageous battle, James succumbed to this hated disease.

Before James' diagnosis October 2011, his days were spent furthering the pursuits of Perkins+Will, where he was a Principal and had worked for over 15 years, enjoying his home with his wife Adrienne, coaching and cheering on his boys, Alex (ten years old) and Adam (seven years old at the time), and recording the joys of his life as he saw them in action-packed candid photographs.  This is the man we loved and are honoring by continuing with this good cause.

James was a good man.  All who knew him will attest to his willingness to offer a helping hand whenever possible. He would be leading this walk, helping to fight for others with this cancer, if he were able. We, his family, his friends, his neighbors and his coworkers at Perkins+Will will walk for him and because of him. He most certainly will be with us in spirit.

We want to thank you in advance for signing up to walk or run with us and/or giving your financial support as we participate in The Race For Hope in DC on May 4th.  The 5K is an inspiration and declaration to all that we will beat this disease, our love for those afflicted is unwavering, and we are dedicated mentally, physically, and emotionally to the fight. 

The Race for Hope is one of the largest financial fundraisers in the country benefiting the brain tumor community.  All proceeds support the National Brain Tumor Society and Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure research. 

We look forward to seeing you there wearing your Perkins+Will Team Wood tee shirt. 

We must beat brain cancer.  Please join us !!! We are the Perkins+Will Team Wood !!!!

Perkins+Will Team Wood Raised
Nikki Brady $740.00
Justin Benjamin $45.00
Christopher Boyd $40.00
Taylor Boyd $40.00
Jason Brady $40.00
Tana Brady $40.00
Ty Brady $20.00
Avery Bray $40.00
Karen Bray $440.00
Holly Briggs $40.00
James Carton $40.00
Renee Carton $40.00
Sara Collins $40.00
Dom Conte $200.00
Maureen Conte $200.00
Suzanne Conte $240.00
David Cordell $45.00
Ryan Dawson $40.00
Sean Flynn $40.00
Gregory Fried $40.00
Katie Fried $40.00
Lisbeth Fried $40.00
Olivia Fried $40.00
Christopher Fuentes $40.00
Javier Fuentes $40.00
sara Fuentes $40.00
Rebecca Glasberg $45.00
Ava Goins $40.00
Aubrey Harpring $20.00
Carter Harpring $40.00
Gordon Harpring $40.00
Lori Harpring $40.00
Sydney Harpring $40.00
Thrine Harpring $290.00
Chris Haskins $40.00
Isabella Haskins $20.00
Liz Haskins $40.00
Lucas Haskins $40.00
Angie Hefner $40.00
Alice Jones $50.00
Parker Jones $50.00
Robert Jones $50.00
David Kay $40.00
Ashley Knight $40.00
Judi Lavalle $40.00
Becky Lemke $1,045.00
Laurie Lieberman $45.00
Delaney Loughney $40.00
Finn Loughney $40.00
Katie Loughney $90.00
Lilly Loughney $40.00
Ami Lynch $45.00
Kelly Maguire $40.00
Steve Maguire $45.00
Simone Manlove $45.00
Steve Manlove $155.00
Emily McVeigh $40.00
Rusty Meadows $1,045.00
Jessica Menter $40.00
Roya Mozaffarian $40.00
Chris Nagle $40.00
Rick Nelligan $380.00
Robert Nelson $40.00
Erle' Nielsen $240.00
Amy Norton $45.00
Alejandro Palacios $40.00
Caitlin Palacios $40.00
Christopher Palacios $40.00
Matthew Palacios $40.00
Rebecca Palacios $40.00
Nina Popovich $100.00
Katie Raffaelli $40.00
Jacob Robitaille $40.00
Jennifer Robitaille $40.00
Haley Russell $40.00
Nicole Serine $95.00
Taylor Sill $40.00
Julie Spencer $80.00
JoAnn Stewart $40.00
John Stewart $60.00
Jackie Thacher $40.00
RJ Thacher $390.00
Amy Thompson $45.00
Kerry Weldon $45.00
Jason Woehrmyer $40.00
Adam Wood $40.00
Adam Wood $140.00
Alex Wood $40.00
James Wood $40.00
Janet Wood $1,190.00
Team Gifts $6,105.00
Denotes a Team Captain


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