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Sunday May 4, 2014     Freedom Plaza, Washington, DC
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Jeffrey's Goofy Gang

In May of 1998, Jeffrey Roth, beloved husband and father of three girls, was diagnosed with a glioblastoma, the most aggressive of all brain cancers. Although doctors predicted Jeffrey had no more than six months to survive, his strong will and determination helped him prove his doctors wrong. He fought bravely with grace and dignity for nearly two years before losing the battle to cancer.

Through Jeffrey's many roles as husband, father, leader and role model, he was an inspiration to us all. In the months that followed his initial diagnosis, Jeffrey was determined to lead a life filled with fun and good times, and greeted each day with a smile. Even through the toughest of times fighting this powerful disease, he was the one who pulled all of us through and held us together as a family. When we were weak he made us stronger, and when we were sad he was the one person we could count on to make us laugh.

Just as we looked to Jeffrey for inspiration, he drew his from one of his favorite celebrities. Goofy, Mickey Mouse's silly sidekick, held a special place in Jeffrey's heart. He loved Goofy's laugh, his crazy antics, and his never-ending ability to make people smile. Our team, Jeffrey's Goofy Gang, was created to honor Jeffrey and celebrate his zest for life. Caring for and helping people was so much a part of Jeffrey's being, and he would have loved nothing more than to know that the money we raise in his name could one day save the life of another human being. Once again we will gather in Jeffrey's memory to honor him and those like him who have fought so valiantly against this disease. Please join our Goofy Gang so that together we can find a cure for brain tumors.

Thank you for your support.

Jillian, Chloe, Sascha & Rachelle

Jeffrey's Goofy Gang Raised
Jillian Roth $1,580.00
David Barkley $40.00
Alexia Blyther $40.00
stephanie bredahl $40.00
Ashley Brenner $40.00
Linda Burka $40.00
Neil Burka $2,469.00
Allyson Butler $145.00
Amia Butler $45.00
Aniya Butler $40.00
Devon Cone $40.00
Steven Dobbs $90.00
Kristie Donohue $40.00
Amir Eyal $40.00
Elinor Eyal $20.00
Jessica Eyal $95.00
Kathryn Falconi $40.00
Allison Gale $40.00
Amelia Gale $40.00
Charlie Gale $40.00
David Gale $65.00
Don Gale $40.00
Jack Gale $40.00
Jerry Gale $40.00
Merry Gale $40.00
Whitney Garman $45.00
Adam Goozh $50.00
Judith Goozh $40.00
Steve Goozh $40.00
Doreen Guttenberg $40.00
Matthew Hagan $45.00
Alonda Hall $45.00
justin hanna $40.00
Mikka Harvey $40.00
Allegra Houri $40.00
Andrea Kelleher $40.00
Cassandra Key $40.00
Hayden Key $40.00
Langdon Key $20.00
Preston Key $45.00
Amy Killy $40.00
Jonah Killy $40.00
Owen Killy $40.00
Quinn Killy $40.00
Debby Lappat $40.00
Caitlin Maguire $40.00
Peter Matt $140.00
Rebecca Matt $65.00
Ruth Matt $140.00
kelli miller $40.00
Bruce Myles $40.00
Iris Myles $40.00
Zachary Myles $40.00
julie o'brien $40.00
Nancy Rodrigues $40.00
Jolee Rosenkranz $951.00
Eric Roth $40.00
Gregory Roth $0.00
Joan Roth $100.00
Joshua Roth $20.00
Lani Roth $0.00
Olivia Roth $40.00
Rachelle Roth $220.00
Sascha Roth $806.00
Chloe Schklowsky $438.00
Raphael Schklowsky $60.00
Karen Schwartzman $100.00
Leslie Shapiro $290.00
Paul Shapiro $40.00
Abigail Sharon $40.00
Lauren Simon $40.00
Jodi Sweed $140.00
Aaron Thompson $40.00
Angela Thompson $315.00
Stephen Weatherby $40.00
Andrea Webb $40.00
Ava Zarza $40.00
Maria Zarza $40.00
Team Gifts $4,366.00
Denotes a Team Captain


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