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Sunday May 4, 2014     Freedom Plaza, Washington, DC
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Race for Hope - DC


This race has a personal meaning for me. We all hear about brain tumors and that is it, we just hear about them. They are something that is not part of our personal lives just something we hear about. Well that all changed for me September 2010, when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I will never forget that phone call. Everything stopped; I was in shock that the thing we only ever hear about was no longer something I was just hearing about. It was now something that I was living with. My health quickly faded. I lost the ability to stand, walk, sit up by myself, and even feed myself. By November 2010, brain surgery had become the only option. As I prepared for surgery on November 3, 2010, I kept thinking about my life. I wasn’t disappointed and I didn’t regret things, but I still had so many things I wanted to do. I decided I was going to make those things happen if I got through the surgery. Well I did get through surgery.  I was able to stand, walk, sit up by myself, and feed myself, and I thought, this is my new beginning! But quickly I had more and more health issues that seemed to hinder my new beginning. By 2012, the Neurosurgeon was discussing a second brain surgery. He was sure he had not gotten the entire tumor or at least all of the tumor cells. I refused to go through another surgery so I kept fighting through the symptoms I was experiencing. Eventually those symptoms got the best of me and I decided that I wanted my life back and agreed to another surgery. The Neurosurgeon was not hopeful he would find all or even any of the missed tumor cells. So this time as I was preparing for yet another surgery, I thought about my life again and all those things I still hadn’t been able to do. This second surgery was much more risky than the first, the surgeon was not hopeful and a third brain surgery was already being discussed if I survived the second surgery. I decided I am going to make it, I am going to beat this! On November 20, 2013 they began my second brain surgery and found the tumor had fully regrown. The second surgery had many more complications than the first including a brain fluid leak. But so far things look good, blood work looks good and I will begin radiation in three months from now.  So this race is personal! We race in celebration of those that have won their fight, we race in honor of those who have lost their fight and we race so that others don’t have to fight this fight. The money donated goes to brain tumor research in search of a cure, different treatments, and new surgery options. Please help others fight this fight!

Gutsy Raised
Michelle Gutshall $1,215.00
Team Gifts $170.00
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