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Sunday May 4, 2014     Freedom Plaza, Washington, DC
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Team Caroline, Ricky and Christopher

Dear Friends,

Brain tumors attacked our families swiftly and without warning.  While pediatric neurosurgeons and neuro-oncologists from Johns Hopkins Hospital attempted, and then exhausted, medical options, our families prayed, hoped, cried, and begged for our children’s lives.  Many of you prayed and hoped and cried alongside us. Sadly, there was no cure; Caroline Herrmann, Ricky Knight and Christopher Sliker could not win against the glioblastoma (Caroline and Ricky) and DIPG (Christopher) tumors they were fighting.  They never had a chance.

Today marks five years and nine months, or 2,087 days, since twelve year old Ricky passed away; five years and three months, or 1,915 days, since fourteen year old Caroline passed away; and, four years and seven months, or 1, 670 days, since five year old Christopher passed away,

So many days, so many moments.  Big days.  Ordinary moments.  We miss our children deeply and constantly.  No matter the occasion or celebration, in the chaos of the big days and the quiet of the ordinary moments, their absence is often all that we can see.

We can list the big events that they’ve missed – the Christmases, birthdays, weddings, vacations, their own kindergarten, middle school and high school graduations, Ricky’s Confirmation, Christopher’s First Communion, Caroline’s prom … the list is long.

But the list of ordinary moments is endless:  school mornings, games and practices, pool days, trips to Target, trips to the library, runs through McDonalds, pizza nights, sleep overs, walks in the park, kickball games, shooting hoops, story time, cousin time, Lego building, babysitting, morning kisses, good night hugs, cartwheels, muffin baking, bike riding, playing catch and games of tag … we could fill this page with all of those moments, and never be finished.  Caroline, Ricky and Christopher were not done being children, and we were not done being their parents.  There was still so much living to do.

In the past five years, the Herrmann, Knight and Sliker families have come together, and with your generous help, raised over $75,000 for brain tumor research.   Our goal this year is to break the $100K mark.  And so again we rally your support to raise money to eradicate brain tumors, to keep children alive and families together.  We walk with our children in our hearts and you by our sides.  Thank you in advance, for all of your help.

Thank you for giving kids a fighting chance.

Team Caroline, Ricky and Christopher Raised
Carol Herrmann $1,480.00
Rose Napolitano $630.00
Lisa Sliker $6,075.00
Matt Aucoin $40.00
Sue Aucoin $40.00
Samantha Ayres $40.00
Pat Barron $215.00
Rob Barron $90.00
Eileen and Mitch Bednar $190.00
Karen Beeman $40.00
Liz Brasauskas $40.00
Matthew Brasauskas $40.00
Megan Brasauskas $40.00
Kevin Buckley $40.00
Melissa Carney $40.00
Nicole Carney $40.00
Sarah Carney $40.00
Alan Cline $40.00
Cindy Cline $40.00
Greg Cline $40.00
Matthew Cline $40.00
Beth Connelly $40.00
Brian Connelly $40.00
Moira Connelly $90.00
Patrick Connelly $40.00
Ona Corkrin $60.00
Bradley Costantino $45.00
Frank Curley $140.00
Sean Curley $140.00
Laurie Dietrich $40.00
Nicole Dowling $40.00
Ed Drechsler $45.00
Hailey Drechsler $95.00
Lily Drechsler $45.00
Shelley Drechsler $45.00
Kristen Eyler $40.00
Lauren Farley $40.00
Rachel Fierro $40.00
Sam Fierro $40.00
Gregory Fisher $45.00
John Paul Fisher $20.00
Kristen Fisher $90.00
Maggie Fisher $20.00
Ashley Florenzo $115.00
David Gates $45.00
Kathy Gates $90.00
Mary Jo Giulioni $200.00
Beth Griffith $40.00
Emily Griffith $45.00
Jordan Harris $45.00
James Hildreth $40.00
Meghan Hildreth $40.00
Noelle Hildreth $40.00
Shana Hildreth $40.00
Glenn Holliger $40.00
Kaylee Holliger $40.00
Madison Holliger $40.00
Patty Holliger $40.00
Taylor Holliger $40.00
Kay Hunt $40.00
Robert Hunt $40.00
Annette Jarosz $40.00
Beth Jarosz $40.00
Tommy Jarosz $40.00
Teresa Jeschke $100.00
Joanne Keatts $40.00
Jack Knight $40.00
Rick Knight $40.00
William Maselko $40.00
Beth Massey $350.00
Jennifer Mathias $40.00
John Mathias $40.00
Janet Mazariegos $190.00
Patrick Mchugh $40.00
Patrick McHugh $40.00
Pete McHugh $40.00
Sandy Mchugh $40.00
Lynn Melan $50.00
Danielle Miller $40.00
David Miller $40.00
Sarah Muldoon $40.00
Sean Muldoon $40.00
Therese Muldoon $40.00
Brandon Munoz $40.00
Brandy Munoz $40.00
Anthony Napolitano $60.00
Daniel Napolitano $40.00
Jill Napolitano $40.00
Julie Napolitano $45.00
Kellie Napolitano $40.00
Adam Novotny $45.00
Anastasia Novotny $40.00
Veronica Novotny $40.00
Jackie Pellegrino $40.00
Nick Pellegrino $40.00
Karen Potter $60.00
Will Potter $40.00
Maria Procopio $40.00
Colleen Pumphrey $40.00
Brenda Purcell $40.00
Caleb Purcell $20.00
Clement Purcell $45.00
Joseph Purcell $40.00
Mericris Purcell $40.00
Merife Purcell $40.00
Andy Quarm $40.00
Jack Quarm $40.00
Sammy Quarm $40.00
Maureen Roche $40.00
Bob Rund $40.00
michael rutkowski $100.00
Ben Saia $40.00
Donna Saia $40.00
Emily Saia $40.00
Tom Saia $40.00
Laura Sarver $40.00
Laurena Sarver $40.00
Alison Schmalberger $90.00
Colleen Schmalberger $265.00
John Schmalberger $40.00
Katie Schmalberger $40.00
Jennifer Schuberth $190.00
Larry Schuberth $40.00
Christine Serio-Chapman $40.00
danny shea $40.00
Erin Shea $40.00
john shea $40.00
lisa shea $40.00
ryan shea $40.00
Clint Sliker $390.00
Lisa Smith $135.00
Susan Smith $180.00
Andrew Stavely $40.00
Ann Stavely $40.00
Clare Stavely $65.00
Richard Stavely $40.00
Thomas Stavely $40.00
Lynn Steer $40.00
Michael Steer $40.00
Coleen Taegel $40.00
Kate Tulenko $40.00
Maribeth Tulenko $40.00
Leah Vacin $45.00
Cecilia Welsh $90.00
Andrew Wenstrand $40.00
Kacy Wesselman $40.00
Kyle Wesselman $40.00
Terry Wesselman $40.00
Emily Zahn $40.00
Katie Zahn $40.00
Kristina Zahn $40.00
Suzanne Zahn $40.00
William Zahn $40.00
Anne Zanchettin Welsh $40.00
Team Gifts $10,890.01
Denotes a Team Captain


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