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Sunday May 4, 2014     Freedom Plaza, Washington, DC
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Kayla Elena Wenger fought courageously for more than 5 years against a rare form of brain cancer, called ependymoma. She was a 6th grader at Pyle Middle School in Bethesda, MD. Kayla touched the hearts of and inspired all who knew her. She was tough as nails, smart as a whip, clever as a fox, and pretty as a princess.
Please join us in the Race for Hope on May 4, 2014 in Washington DC as we honor Kayla's memory and her fighting spirit. Also, consider doing a random act of kindness for a stranger in Kayla's memory and give them this message when you do so.
You can read more about Kayla in this article from the Washington Post Magazine:
Kisses4Kayla Raised
Eric Wenger $198.00
Leslie Cohen $40.00
Laurie Wenger $63.00
dylco $40.00
Adam Albert $40.00
Gary Albert $40.00
Maddie Albert $40.00
Riley Albert $40.00
Alexandra Bassetti $40.00
Barkle Bloom $45.00
Ari Booth $40.00
Ethan Cohen $45.00
Steve Cohen $40.00
Sydney Cohen $45.00
Caitlin Cornblatt $40.00
Jacob Cornblatt $40.00
Michelle Cornblatt $40.00
Scott Cornblatt $40.00
Lauren Crisler $40.00
Alyssa Dalin $40.00
Russell Dalin $40.00
Alexis Dobbs $40.00
Jen Dumiak $40.00
Nikki Flores $40.00
Abigail Fogg $40.00
Aidan Friedman $40.00
Alexandra Friedman $40.00
Andrew Friedman $40.00
Nicholas Friedman $20.00
Megan Gebbia $140.00
Geleisa George $40.00
Abby Gleicher $45.00
Brian Gleicher $40.00
Molly Gleicher $40.00
Helene Glick $50.00
Zoe Glick $50.00
Ira Gluck $40.00
Cassidy Goldsmith $50.00
Dayna Goldsmith $50.00
Matthew Goldsmith $50.00
Michael Goldsmith $50.00
Nicole Goldsmith $50.00
Karen Harriman $40.00
Michelle Holmes $40.00
Nancy House $50.00
Craig Hughes $370.00
Devon Kesterman $40.00
Drew Kesterman $40.00
Sarah Kiely $50.00
Julie Levinson $40.00
Jordan Light $40.00
Diane Litofsky $40.00
Richard Litofsky $40.00
Alyson Lobel $40.00
Ashley Lobel $40.00
Jeff Lobel $40.00
Ti'Asia McGeorge $40.00
Holly Monti $45.00
Mark Monti $45.00
Brooke Morgan $40.00
Carly Morgan $40.00
Jaclyn Morgan $40.00
Steve Morgan $40.00
Sarah Sabet $40.00
Hannah Seley $40.00
Jacki Seley $40.00
Peter Seley $40.00
Samson Seley $40.00
Abby Singer $40.00
Ellen Singer $40.00
Michael Singer $40.00
Scott Singer $40.00
Emily Stallings $50.00
John Thomas $40.00
Lillie Thomas $40.00
Merin Thomas $40.00
Donna Wenger $50.00
Jeffrey Wenger $40.00
Madeleine Wenger $63.00
Samuel Wenger $63.00
Arron Zimmerman $40.00
Team Gifts $1,143.00
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