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Lee & Kara's Krew


Lee's Story

On October 24th, 2006, our Mom met our Dad, Lee, at the doctor for what we thought was a severe headache.  The doctor?s office called him an ambulance and sent him right to the hospital for a head scan.  There they found a mass in his head which required further testing.  He had a brain biopsy on October 31st, 2006, and that was the day I knew life would never be the same.  The doctor came out and told my mother that she needed to keep her husband comfortable but there was nothing he could do.  The biopsy diagnoses was a Stage 4 Glioblastoma, inoperable brain cancer.  It was at the center of his brain where they could not get to it at all.  I?ve gone over that day in my head so many times and it still feels like a brick landed on my heart and lungs from the shock of hearing those words.  The Dad and husband and friend we loved so much would go on to have radiation and be in an NIH clinical trial that didn?t do much to stop the growth of the nasty tumor.  Lee held out hope and never let on to most people how bad off he really was and tried to keep a smile on his face.  April 26th, 2007 would be the last time I would talk to my Dad, as I walked out the door to go to work, he said he wished he could go to work.  He passed away at 8:30pm that night.  It?s been 6 years since I?ve talked to him and I miss him every day.  He?s missed so much, Nicole and Donavan graduating and starting college, walking me down the isle at my wedding and the birth/growth of his first grandchild, Emma.  We will all miss him forever.

This year we have new team members and we have a new team name.  Kara is my brother-in-law?s brave, 4 year old Goddaughter, who we will walk/run for research to keep up hope that we will one day find a cure for brain cancer and keep her progress going in a positive direction.  Dad was such a helpful person, I know he wouldn?t have it any other way.  Please welcome Kara and her family to our new team and join us in fighting for her:)  Thanks, Sabrina

Kara's Story

On October 21, 2012, we brought our 4 year old daughter, Kara toAnneArundelMedicalCenterfor uncontrollable vomiting. Many tests were run and on the CT scan the doctors found something abnormal on her brain. We were then taken by an ambulance team to Johns Hopkins children's center to undergo an MRI. The MRI revealed that our spunky, beautiful 4 year old daughter had a tumor on the left side of her brain near the areas of speech and language which was causing her to have seizures and that meant she would need to have surgery to try to remove all or some of the tumor. On Friday October 26, 2012 Kara's brain surgery took place and they were able to remove 90%of the tumor but could not remove all for fear of permanent damage. As we were sitting in recovery looking at our swollen teary eyed little baby girl  who is telling us she wants to go home we just had to thank everyone, the Doctors at Johns Hopkins, our friends and family who prayed and all the strangers who gave their wishes! Even though Kara is doing well now, the swelling gone away and the seizures have stopped so far and we pray that is the end of them. We then had to face another fear when the test results cam back that she had Cancer; with her being diagnosed with a Grade 2 Diffuse Astrocytoma. Kara has now  had a IV port placed in her chest and has begin a 8 cycle treatment of Chemotherapy to stop the growth of the tumor and  we hope and pray with all our being that it goes away completely. Until then, Kara continues to be a very active, smart, funny, happy little 4 year old who loves coloring, Disney Princesses, watching Scooby Doo and going to school to be with her friends. Kara is fighting her heart out along with the support of so many people who love and care about her!


Sheri and Charles Magez (Kara?s mom and dad).



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